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Jalpa successor by SZ Design - the STORY

During the Nineties, when Megatech Inc. owned Automobili Lamborghini SpA, a design was made for the successor to the Jalpa. The P140 prototype was deemed too angular for the customer's taste by then, while the Cala looked stunning and also made it into a rolling prototype, some other designs were only executed on paper.

One of these designs was a Jalpa proposal shown here, SZ Design, a company that was founded on the remains of the Zagato Design Studio, designed it.

This design was created after the Cala was already presented to the public, but for some strange reason Michael Kimberley rejected this nice prototype and ordered SZ Design to come up with another proposal, Chief designer Noriko Harada created these drawings himself, but sadly, the car was never even created as a prototype or mock up.

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Jalpa successor by SZ Design

June 1. 2000

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The Lamborghini Jalpa successor designed by Noriko Harada, chief designer at SZ Design. Seen here is Setiawan Djody, Megatech's president at that time.

A Far Eastern publication showing a drawing for what could become the new Jalpa prototype ...

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