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Lamborghini AMS - the STORY

In 1972, Doug Call of Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., ordered a very special car from a small shop in Bologna, AMS.

This car is probably the nearest Lamborghini ever came to racing in these early years, the AMS was actually powered by a Miura V-12 engine.
This engine was mounted on a tubular chassis with a wheelbase of 2098 mm, and a total weight, together with the bodywork, of only 680 Kg.

The car was constructed under the direction of Ing. Tancredi Simonetti, the engine and the chassis remained the same from the start, but the bodywork was altered several times. Various nose cones were fitted on this sports racing car when it was tested by both Call and AMS on the Modena Autodrome in 1972 and 73.

At several times, the Lamborghini test driver, Valentino Balboni has been seen driving this 'special'.

Later, in 1977, AMS engineers were testing Fiat engines for 1300 - 1600 class racing, but the original Lamborghini-powered AMS was located in a German collection at that time, the current whereabouts are unknown to me.

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Lamborghini AMS

October 18. 1998

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The Lamborghini AMS Racecar, note Valentino Balboni helping to push the car inside the factory ...

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