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LamboCARS - why you should become a SPONSOR

Because averages 120,000 unique visitors per month !

If you are looking to promote your high end product into the market segment of super car owners and enthusiasts you should really be showing an ad on ... our visitors are part of the exact market niche you are looking into.

People that visit are interested in the best of the best when it comes to both cars and lifestyle, many of our loyal visitors are actual Lamborghini owners, looking for information and product to plan their next purchase ... and LamboCARS is proud to have just about every model and type of Raging Bull listed, dating as far back as the 1963 350GTV model. Add to this our extensive lists on tuning items and exotic car related automobilia and you just know our visitors are part of your market segment !

The numbers

LamboCARS receives 5,000,000 hits per month, that's right: five million hits per month !

That's a pretty impressive figure to read ... but hits don't tell the entire story, if you are looking into advertising you need different numbers, and they are visits and pageviews, not every site out there will share these with you ... mainly because they are much lower and don't impress as much.

Hits are nice, and they add up very quickly, but as a sponsor you want to know how many real people are seeing your ad, those are the possible customers you are looking for.

Visits and PageViews

LamboCARS is proud to receive about 120,000 real life visits each month, that is an average of 4,000 people on a daily basis ... this means 4,000 possible customers could be seeing your ad on this website.

And what's even better: over the last few years LamboCARS has been serving an average of 830,000 pages a month, that's right ... every single day we reach about 27,000 pageviews, that means 27,000 ad impressions for you ... just from LamboCARS alone.


If you would be asked to pay just € 0.001 per ad impression it would add up to a daily fee of € 27.00 ... that comes down to a steep € 830.00 each month ! Are you willing to pay that for your online advertising?
We don't think so either, so get in touch with LamboCARS and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Some more numbers to show you LamboCARS is THE place for you to advertise on :

Every day our visitors look at about 14,500 images, download around 1,250 WALLpapers and read over 4,000 articles, the latter mostly written by LamboCARS own editor, we don't just copy information from other sources ... LamboCARS articles are genuine and exclusive (apart from official press release text naturally) ... we put effort into our site, and we would be more than happy to put the same effort in promoting your high end products.

Some background

LamboCARS was started back in the late Nineties as a way to share my passion for Lamborghini cars with fellow enthusiasts and owners, the site quickly gained popularity and the first 1,000 visits milestone was reached within weeks ... in mid 2000 the domain was registered and I took the site to the next level.
After more than 15 years I'm still looking for Lamborghini related news on a daily basis, which takes several hours each day, to keep LamboCARS the reference among owners and enthusiasts from around the world.
Just to show LamboCARS isn't another hobby site that will disappear after a few years when the founder looses interest ... a real passion never dies.

If you any further questions, something isn't completely clear for you or you would like more detailed numbers ... get in touch with us and we'll answer any doubts or questions you might have.

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