2008 Belgian Race Kick Off

Lamborghini Cars high resolution photograph

The Belgian Race Kick Off weekend showed no less than four Lamborghini Gallardo GT3R models in competition, three entered by JD Astromega and one, finished in bright white, entered by Chad Peninsula Racing, they would go head to head with cars like the Mosler from Gravity Racing and the Viper’s from AD Sport among others.

The race began in wet conditions, but that didn’t slow them down a bit, and the Gallardo with number 10 managed to reach a second place in both races, only the Mosler driven by Longin/Kumpen was able to stay in front of the Raging Bull on the nice circuit of Zolder.

It was a great weekend, with a lot of fierce battle on the track, all four Lamborghini’s made it to the end of the two race sessions, however only the number 10 Gallardo managed to take some points, the other three didn’t reach any positions in the races to warrant them some necessary points in the championship.

The second round of the BGTC series will be held in Dyon, let’s see what the Raging Bulls are able to do on this French circuit …