Brand new full body wrap presets

A Lamborghini Aventador Police car isn’t totally new anymore, the Dubai Police Department beat everybody to it … and in real life no less, their white and green Raging Bull draws a lot of attention but just imagine some high end department or private firm puts in an order for a ‘Black and white’ Aventador.

In that case you might end up with the Aventador Police Edition I’ve put together … totally virtual mockup naturally, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see this lady in real life on the highway, or during the Gumball for instance, why not?

This full body Police wrap is in fact part of the new presets I’ve created in my Virtual Car Configurator, the Aventador Police Edition is one of them, but I also added a nice Blu e Arancio combination to the list … feel free to have some serious fun creating your very own virtual car.

Virtual Car Configurator V2.0