Only four units of the impressive Lamborghini Veneno will be built, the first one we’ve seen at Geneva was actually the serial number ‘Zero’, let’s call it the production prototype … the next three Veneno were available to the public, and by the time we managed to see this car for the first time it was already sold out … at €3,000,000 each without taxes you didn’t even have the choice of color for it.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA decided to build only three Veneno, and each one would be finished in a special shade … one in green, one in white and the third one in red … the three shades seen on the official Italian flag, now I’m sure they will all look very nice, but I was really wondering how it would look in glossy black.

So I created a black Lamborghini Veneno concept … and as it will never be made in real life I also put some custom wheels on it … if you are paying this kind of money for a Lamborghini I’m sure the price for a black wrap and some special wheels is just pocket change anyway.