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Feel free to get in touch with if you have any questions or remarks.

Our general point of contact

We have several different e-mail contacts available for your questions, depending on what area about the enthusiast site you are looking into, the principal contact is our administrator, who you can contact with every question relating to LamboCARS in general.

The web guru

If you are inquiring about the information or photos that are published on our website, please direct your mails to our Web Designer, he is in charge of the layout and design of the site and he's also one of our major contributors of Lamborghini photos and information.

Photos and information

If you have found any of the photos or other material published on, the enthusiast website on another website without mentioning the original source or complying in full with our copyright statement, please feel free to inform our Legal advisor about the infraction.


For any additional information about using material from the enthusiast site, such as images, information or other items, please feel free to contact our Legal advisor.

Note that the '[email protected]' email address is no longer in use due to practical reasons ! Please update your address book with the new address listed here.