First look at the Aventador successor?

Did Varryx manage to capture the first footage of the next-generation V12 model that will be unveiled in 2022 as a successor to the outgoing Lamborghini Aventador, take a look at the short video below:

From the first impression on the styling, we are looking at a heavily camouflaged test mule driving around inside the factory compounds at Sant’Agata, and while most of the body is hiding underneath a cover, the door is visible, wrapped in the typical camouflage to trick the autofocus on cameras, but from what we can see, it is unclear if we’re looking at an Aventador body or the new replacement.

One clear difference with any of the known Lamborghini Aventador models is the placement of the exhausts, these were already moved up from the original LP700-4 model when the SVJ came around, but it seems this car will have twin dual exhausts inside a hexagon cover even higher up, almost above the rear fascia now, something we’ve seen on the Sesto Elemento before.

So is the Lamborghini Aventador replacement hiding underneath that grey cover, or are we looking at a test mule with the new technology in place, but fitted with a modified Aventador body over it, both are possible, it wouldn’t be the first time Lamborghini is testing the successor hiding underneath the current model’s bodywork.

Whichever is the case, it’s clear Lamborghini is working hard on the Aventador replacement, chances are the assembly line for the current V12 model will be converted for the successor during the summer of 2022 holidays, when the factory is usually closed anyway, with the production of the Aventador SVJ and SVJ Roadster being completed, the last units of the Sian and Sian Roadster being built as we speak, the production of the 122 units of the Countach LPI 800-4 being started and the Aventador Ultimae being the last of the NA V12 models to be built, it is obvious the Linea Aventador will no longer be needed by late 2022.

Stephan Winkelmann has already confirmed the new Lamborghini flagship will be powered by a V12, but with added power from electric motors, how much power, or how many electric motors hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but the Aventador successor will not be using the Supercapacitor setup we’ve seen on the Sián and Countach LPI 800-4, instead Lamborghini will most likely use a more economical, but heavier, battery setup, with probably two motors, one for each wheel.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Lamborghini V12 engine will boast a smaller displacement compared to the Aventador, a massive 6.5-Liter engine takes a lot of space, and contributes weight, going for a smaller V12 unit will give more room for the additions to go hybrid, especially keeping the weight down with batteries for the electric motors will be the main focus Lamborghini is working on for their new V12 supercar.

One thing that will be certain, the upcoming Lamborghini flagship will have to come with some serious power figures and amazing looks to be competitive, trying to add as much electric power to a, probably smaller displacement, V12 engine without adding too much weight to the overall package, with the outgoing model having a maximum power output of 780 hp, I’m sure we’ll be creeping up to 1,000 hp combined for the new model, and while the renders on this page are not official, I’m sure we’ll be blown away with the new car when we will finally be able to admire her in late 2022, early 2023.