Gallardo Successor Cabrera Being Tested In Germany
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Judging by the number of spy shots that keep being published on what is believed to be the new Lamborghini V10 model to succeed the aging Gallardo I think the official, public unveil is eminent … a 2014 Geneva Auto Show debut is surely possible, rumor has it the factory is preparing a very private event early next year to show the car to a select group of long time VIP customers.

These latest photos have been captured around the Nürnburgring in Germany while a heavily camouflaged car performed high speed test on the track … it looks like Lamborghini decided to take no more chances with their new V10 model, which might be called Cabrera … if you compare these photos with the night time shots taken earlier you’ll notice this car has even more covers hiding the real lines of the car.

Those night shots actually showed a lot of black covers and tape hiding a bright green car underneath, these new shots show a test mule that has even more black covers … but if you look closely you’ll see the car underneath has been completely covered with a black and white cameo … double protection against prying eyes I guess.

At the rear the entire design has been concealed under black parts, even the taillights and air vents are covered by misleading grilles … by now we all know the Gallardo successor will be using very thin LED lights at the back, probably a mix of Sesto Elemento and Veneno taillights … another interesting item seen at the rear are the exhaust pipes … there are dual tips on either side and they are slanted slightly down in a rather innovative look.

Various spy shots show the side profile of the test mule, but with all those covers and black tape the only thing we can determine from these side shots is the wheelbase and roof line … front or rear overhang, side air intakes or even overall styling of the front and rear section is professionally hidden from view.

Just like the entire car the front hasn’t been shown anything close to the final design … apart from those headlights, still showing the by now typical Y-shape we know from the Aventador and the later generation Gallardo models … but this test mule is showing two Y’s side by side … remember the Estoque front?

And then I see the final photo published … one moment of not paying attention and someone with a long telephoto lens managed to capture the design of the door panel, from that angle we can even determine the overall shape of the actual door that is hiding under all those black panels … and the angular style looks a lot like the Gallardo or Sesto Elemento door I have to admit.

Even after all these photos we still don’t have a clear idea on how the Lamborghini Cabrera will look, if it will even be named that way isn’t sure either … power output mentioned is all over the place, from LP600-4 to LP650-4 or even LP680-4 … what we do know is that the new Lamborghini to replace the Gallardo will still have a V10 engine.

But rumor has it Lamborghini is thinking about a V8 version, or even a hybrid evolution … will the new car receive a DCT, how much power will the initial model pack, what will it be called in the end … still a lot of questions for a car that has been on the drawing board for a while and that is finally being tested before the official introduction.

One thing is certain … when Automobili Lamborghini SpA finally shows their new V10 model the automotive world will be blown away once again, just like when the Aventador was unveiled … Lamborghini will create yet another reference among super cars …