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Gallardo LM by ItalCarDesign

Gallardo LM by ItalCarDesign

By Mark Smeyers on September 6. 2008 in Gallardo.

If you are looking into tuning your Lamborghini Gallardo, you've got a wide choice now, most tuners are fitting wide, chromed wheels, but some of these V10 Lamborghini's are also fitted with modified bodywork and tuned engines ...

One of the tuners that is heavily modifying Lamborghini's is ItalCarDesign, based in Switzerland, they offer a wide range of tuning for both the Gallardo and the Murciélago, from a mild Gallardo Sport version, over a Gallardo Miami to this wild Gallardo LM, which boasts 'papillon' doors Bhp by the way.

They started by mounting an angular rear wing on the car, powder-coated the standard 18 inch wheels in a dark titanium metallic paint and applied matte paint on the air intake at the side of the car, combine this with the two matte stripes from the front to the rear of the car and you've got one impressive Gallardo ...

Later the side air intakes were covered with Carbon Fiber, one Gallardo, a bright blue one, even featured silver paint on these intakes, very special.

But the best part was yet to come, an engine cover in true Miura style, amazing and extremely nice, wouldn't doubt a moment about ordering this one, and while you're at it, go for the 'papillon' doors. They don't open exactly like the Murciélago doors, but they swing mildly outwards and up, very impressive.

ItalCarDesign is constantly modifying their range of parts for the Gallardo, they also offer a Gallardo GT LightBody model ...

More information on these very special Gallardo LM editions is available directly from ItalCarDesign, on their official site you'll also find their tuning program for the Murciélago.

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