Lamborghini at the Total 24 Hours of Spa 2016 heading

Lamborghini at the Total 24 Hours of Spa 2016

Lamborghini at the Total 24 Hours of Spa 2016

By Mark Smeyers on August 2. 2016 in LamboEVENTS.

This weekend the famous 24 Hours of Spa was held once again on the Belgian track at Spa-Francorchamps, for the 69th time this year a massive starting grid of no less than 65 cars would compete for 24 hours to reach the chequered flag on Sunday afternoon ... in the lead.

65 cars from 11 different makes would compete ... Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, McLaren, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche ... and naturally Lamborghini, in total 12 Raging Bull would tackle the Spa-Francorchamps track, 11 Huracán GT3 and one Gallardo REX.

After the free practice runs the Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini Huracán GT3 took 6th (#16), 11th (#19) and 58th (#63) place with the Barwell Motorsport number 666 in 19th place. Note that the Gallardo REX (#132) from Lago Racing secured the 42nd spot at this time.

  Number 666 entered by Barwell Motorsport would take 3rd place in the Pro-Am Class after 24 hours

The pre-qualifying round changed the settings a lot, the #666 Barwell Motorsport car now took 6th place with the #16 car from Grasser Racing Team on the 11th spot, Attempto Racing with their #100 Huracán GT3 positioned 17th and the Lago Racing Gallardo Rex took 19th place leaving 8 of the more recent Huracán behind her.

The more important qualifying round didn't turn out so good for the various Lamborghini in Spa, the first one on the list was the #666 from Barwell Motorsport at the 14th spot, #16 from Grasser Racing Team took the 16th spot while the #100 from Attempto Racing only managed a 26th place, #101 from the same team took the 28th spot with the second entry from Barwell Motorsport with #78 took the 29th spot ... the Gallardo REX ended up at the 64th spot ... last place of qualifying.

Night qualifying became a totally different story with #16 at the 8th position, #78 on number 9, #1à from Ombra Racing took the 20th qualifying spot this time, #19 at P22, #100 at P30, #132 Gallardo REX at P38, #29  from Konrad Motorsport at P41, #38 from Antonelli Motorsport at P44, #666 at P48, #101 at P58, #63 at P61 and #69 from ARC Bratislava at P63 of a total of 65 cars.

The Super Pole was really interesting this year, second place was grabbed by #16 from GRT Grasser Racing Team in their green Huracán GT3 with #666 from Barwell Motorsport on the 9th spot, very impressive to say the least.

Hourly standings:

The race started on Saturday, August 30th at 16:30 in a rolling start and after the first pitstop the number 16 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 entered by Grasser Racing Team and driven by Mirko Bortolotti was in the lead, but he had some serious pressure of two Audis already.

After 3 hours of racing in Spa the number 19 Grasser Racing Team Huracan held P6

After two hours
the #19 Lamborghini Huracán from GRT with Michele Beretta behind the wheel made an amazing comeback from P26 to P6 while the #100 from Attempto Racing with Louis Machiels in the seat came from P34 all the way to P9 in a mere 20 minutes ... that's some serious driving. The Gallardo REX was at P49 at this time.

After three hours
the lead was lost to Audi, but now the number 19 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 entered by Grasser Racing Team took P3 overall with the sister car #16 in P7, #100 was at P11, #101 at P13, #666 at P18 ... a total of 5 Lamborghini in the top 20 after 62 laps at Spa-Francorchamps. The Gallardo REX held onto P50 now with 60 laps on the counter.

After four hours
after 86 laps the first Lamborghini Huracán sat at P7 overall, the #19 from GRT with #16 at P13. P16 was taken by #101 and #100 took P19 ... #132 the Gallardo REX was still at P50 with 3 laps difference.

After five hours
the #19 Huracán from GRT moved up to 5th place overall after 109 laps, at P15 was the #100 Huracán from Attempto Racing and P19 was taken by #16 from GRT ... both at 108 laps, at 105 laps the Gallardo REX from Lago Racing was at P51 now.

Another pitstop for the number 19 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 from Grasser Racing Team

After six hours
the 24 Hours of Spa comes to an important moment, at this time the first points are being awarded, so it is important to have a good position. The #19 Lamborghini from Grasser Racing Team was in P4, their colleagues in the #16 car were at P10 while the #100 from Attempto Racing took P15 overall ... but P2 in the Pro-Am Class behind an Aston Martin. The Gallardo REX moved up to P50 again.

After seven hours
the lead cars have done 154 laps at full speed, #19 Grasser Racing Team at P5, #16 from the same team at P11 with 153 laps, #100 from Attempto Racing at P16 also with 153 laps, #101 from Attempto Racing at P21 with 152 laps, #666 from Barwell Motorsport at P25, #29 from Konrad Motorsport at P28, #78 from Barwell Motorsport at P30 with 151 laps, #38 from Antonelli Motorsport at P35, #132 from Lago Racing at P45 with 149 laps, #69 from ARC Bratislava at P48 with 148 laps, #63 from Grasser Racing Team at P59 with 132 laps and finally #10 from Ombra Racing at P62 with 115 laps.

After eight hours
the #16 Huracán from Grasser Racing Team was holding onto P11 overall with 174 laps (2 laps behind the pole in a BMW M6 GT3) but more importantly the #100 from Attempto Racing at P16 overall still held P2 in the Pro-Am Class, the Gallardo REX from Lago Racing took P46 now.

After nine hours
the Grasser Racing Team was doing well at this point, their #16 car moved up to P8 with 191 laps and #19 was at P18 (190 laps), with the #29 from Konrad Motorsport at P17 overall, but more importantly P2 in the Pro-Am Class and #100 from Attempto Racing at P20 overall but P3 in the Pro-Am Class ... and #101 was just behind at P21 overall. #132 from Lago Racing was at P45 with 185 laps.

A really nice blue chrome finish on this Huracan GT3 from Attempto Racing

After ten hours
the grueling race was still going strong, 217 laps done by the lead cars and still several Lamborghini in the top 20. #16 from GRT at P12 (216 laps), #29 from Konrad Motorsport at P17 overall (P2 in Pro-Am Class and 215 laps) and #19 from GRT at P19 overall. With 208 laps the #132 Gallardo REX from Lago Racing held onto P45 overall.

After eleven hours
only one Lamborghini managed to hold onto a spot in the top 20, the #16 Grasser Racing Team Huracán GT3 at P14 with 238 laps, 2 laps behind the Bentley Continental GT3 in the lead. #132 did 231 laps by now and was still at P45.

12 hours - mid race
another very important moment during the 24 Hours of Spa race as points are again handed out at this time, the #16 Huracán GT3 driven by factory driver Mirko Bortolotti was at P6 (261 laps, 2 less than the lead), at 259 laps we get #101 Attempto Racing at P23, #19 GRT at P24, #100 Attempto Racing at P26, #666 from Barwell Motorsport at P28 and #29 from Konrad Motorsport at P29.

P32 was taken by #78 from Barwell Motorsport (258 laps), P41 by #38 from Antonelli Motorsport (253 laps), P42 by #132 from Lago Racing (253 laps), P47 by #69 from ARC Bratislava (250 laps), P54 by #63 from Grasser Racing Team (232 laps) and P60 by #10 from Ombra Racing (223 laps).

After 15 hours, over 330 laps and more than 2,300 km at top speed the Grasser Racing Team Huracan held P4

After 13 hours
only one Lamborghini Huracán GT3 in the top 20 at this time, the #16 from Grasser Racing Team at P12 with 281 laps, 2 laps behind the lead in an Audi R8 LMS. The second GRT Huracán #19 took P21 after 280 laps. #132 Lago Racing was still at P42 with 273 laps.

After 14 hours
306 laps into the race and the #16 GRT car managed to move up to P4 now with 2 laps less while #19 remained at P21 with 302 laps. In fact, several Lamborghini were very close together at this stage in the race. P23 for #101 from Attempto Racing, P25 for #29 from Konrad Motorsport and P26 for #100 from Attempto Racing, all at 302 laps. The two Barwell Motorsport entries were at P29 and P31 respectively with 301 laps. #132 from Lago Racing took P40 after 295 laps.

After 15 hours
still 2 laps behind the lead, but at 329 laps the #16 Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini moved up to P4 overall with the sister car #19 at P19 after 327 laps, only 9 laps behind at P39 we now find #132 from Lago Racing

After 16 hours
With 350 laps on the counter the #16 GRT car stands at P10, #29 from Konrad Motorsport came up to P19 and #19 from GRT took P20 ... so again three Lamborghini in the top 20 at this moment with P22 and P23 also taken by the Bull. #132 moved up to P37 after doing 341 laps.

The impressive Lamborghini Gallardo REX leased from Reiter Engineering by Jonathon Webb

After 17 hours
things are getting heated as the night turns into day ... #16 GRT dropped to P12 with 373 laps (3 less than the lead), #19 also from GRT took P19, #29 from Konrad Motorsport sat at P20 and #666 from Barwell Motorsport moved up to P2 ... all at 372 laps. The Gallardo REX from Lago Racing did 363 laps at managed P41 for now.

After 18 hours
the BMW M6 GT3 in the lead has done 401 laps by now, the #16 GRT Lamborghini dropped to p15 with 398 laps, one lap behind at P19 we now see the #19 sister car and at P21 overall we have the #666 Barwell Motorsport taking P3 in the Pro-Am Class.387 laps on the track for the #132 Gallardo REX at P40.

After 19 hours
once again we have three Lamborghini in the top 20 standings, P13 for the #16 with 421 laps, P18 for the #666 and P19 for the #19, both with 419 laps. #132 did 408 laps at P40.

After 20 hours
The Grasser Racing Team was moving up at Spa, even with light rain ... #16 climbed to P10 overall with 439 laps, #19 now stood at P16 only 2 laps behind and the #666 from Barwell Motorsport at P18 was battling it out with an Audi for P2 in the Pro-Am Class. #101 from Attempto Racing took P20 making it four Lamborghini in the top 20 with four hours left.

During the 24h de Spa the weather conditions changed a lot, which results in some dramatic looking skies

After 21 hours
The #16 car from GRT remained at a solid P10 overall with 460 laps (3 less than the lead BMW), #19 climbed one spot to P15 with 458 laps, P17 was taken by #101 from Attempto Racing, P18 was #666 from Barwell Motorsport and P20 was #78, also from Barwell Motorsport ... five Lamborghini in the top 20 now. After 443 laps the #132 Gallardo REX held onto P38.

After 23 hours
Only one hour of racing left, the lead car has done 510 laps by now and the #16 Lamborghini from Grasser Racing team moved up in the top 10 at P9 with 506 laps. #101 from Attempto Racing took P14 and #19 from GRT took P15, both at 504 laps. P17 was taken by #666 from Barwell Motorsport which was also P3 in the Pro-Am Class. #132 did 489 laps at stood at P37.

For the 24h de Spa race the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 came with additional LED lights up front

The result after 24 hours of racing
P11 #16 Grasser Racing Team (Mirko Bortolotti, Jeroen Bleekemolen, Rolf Ineichen) 527 laps
P14 #101 Attempto Racing (Fabio Babini, Patric Niederhauser, Daniel Zampieri) 526 laps
P15 #19 Grasser Racing Team (Andrea Piccini, Luca Stolz, Michele Beretta) 524 laps
P17 #666 Barwell Motorsport (Jon Minshaw, Phil Keen, Oliver Gavin, Joe Osborne) 524 laps (P3 Pro-Am Class)
P25 #78 Barwell Motorsport (Marco Attard, Leo Machitski, Marco Mapelli, Tom Kimber Smith) 517 laps
P28 #38 Antonelli Motorsport (Michela Cerruti, Loris Spinelli, Cedric Sbirazzuoli, Gilles Vannelet) 514 laps
P30 #29 Konrad Motorsport (Christopher Zöchling, Jules Gounon, Luca Rettenbacher, Rik Breukers) 513 laps
P35 #132 Lago Racing (Roger Lago, Steve Owen, David Russell, Jonathan Webb) 509 laps
P39 #69 ARC Bratislava (Miro Konopka, Andrzej Lewandowski, Teodor Myszkowski, Zdeno Mikulasko) 502 laps
P42 #63 Grasser Racing Team (Diego Alessi, Nicolas Pohler, Anders Fordjbach, Dennis Andersen) 488 laps
P45 #10 Ombra Racing (Matteo Beretta, Giovanni Berton, Stefano Costantini, Stefano Gattuso) 480 laps
P52 #100 Attempto Racing (Louis Machiels, Max Van Splunteren, Jeroen Mul, Giovanni Venturini) 415 laps

After 531 laps and about 3,700 km of racing there are four Lamborghini in the top 20 with less than 7 laps difference with the lead car making Lamborghini the third most successful make in the top 20 after Audi with 6 cars and Mercedes with 5 cars. Even the impressive Gallardo REX leased from Reiter Engineering by Lago Racing managed to finish at P35 with only 22 laps between the lead car ... a very nice result.

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