GMG created the first Novitec N-Largo in the United States heading

GMG created the first Novitec N-Largo in the United States

GMG created the first Novitec N-Largo in the United States

By Mark Smeyers on June 10. 2016 in LamboNEWS.

A few weeks ago, during the goldRush Rally Track Day at Zmax proving grounds in Las Vegas, Nevada famous GMG, Global Motorsport Group, delivered the very first Novitec Torado Huracán N-Largo built in the United States to her lucky owner, with only 25 N-Largo kits made available by Novitec for the entire world getting your hands on the first one in the US must be a great feeling.

  The new engine cover for the Huracan from Novitec Torado in their N-Largo package actually holds an air intake

GMG not only installed the impressive Novitec N-Largo kit onto a white Lamborghini Huracán, but they added their own Sport Exhaust system to have the V10 breath better and modified the ECU with XPlus software from GIAC ... adding 10 to 20 hp to the original 610hp and increasing torque by 8 to 12 Ft/Lbs, to keep the paint from suffering from stone chips GMG also installed an Xpel clear bra paint protection film and a windshield skin from Protective Film Solutions.

The Novitec Torado Huracan N-Largo is a wide body conversion kit for the LP610-4 Coupé V10 model, a Spyder version is under consideration at the moment, note that the N-Largo is only available as a complete kit and comes with a bespoke set of NL2 forged wheels ... Novitec is offering 25 of these kits in the end, all with the same wheels.

Special wheels, a new engine cover and a large rear wing are only part of the Novitec Huracan N-Largo

The Novitec Huracán N-Largo comes with a new front bumper replacing the original one, a pair of wider front fenders, side sills, wider rear fenders, massive lower rear diffuser and a large carbon fiber rear wing ... a special carbon fiber engine cover with integrated air intake is also part of the kit.

Keep in mind Novitec is working on a supercharger to be installed on top of the factory V10 engine that will pump the total horsepower output to 860 ... an increase of 250hp from the original 610.

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