HRE shows new P2 monoblok wheel on a Huracan heading

HRE shows new P2 monoblok wheel on a Huracan

HRE shows new P2 monoblok wheel on a Huracan

By Mark Smeyers on June 9. 2016 in LamboNEWS.

Over ten years ago HRE changed the market by creating a Monoblok wheel, cut from a single block of forged aluminum ... the P40 can now be considered the most copied custom wheel ever ... today HRE wants to show another Monoblok to the world ... the HRE Series P2.

  A virtual look at how the new HRE Series P2 P201 wheel would look on the Huracan

The Series P2 consists of three new designs, the 10-spoke P200 model seen on the photos of the Verde Mantis Lamborghini Huracan, a special cross-spoke design. The P201 is a double five spoke diamond design that works really well on the Huracan too (I made a virtual mockup to show you) and another 5 spoke design called the P204 ... the latter boasts a directional design by the way.

The HRE Series P2 is available in 20, 21 and 22 inch diameter while the width goes from 8.5 inch up to a massive 13 inch ... many transparent powder coat finishes will be available for this new series, while HRE already confirmed a center-lock version too ... now that would look great on the Aventador Superveloce if you ask me.

A vritual look at the red transparant powder coat finish on the HRE Series P2 wheels

HRE wheels are built-to-order which makes just about any fitment, color and finish option possible ... you can really make your exotic stand out with these custom HRE wheels, specifically made to minimize unsprung mass to offer optimum handling, braking ... and acceleration.

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