Luggage signed by Automobili Lamborghini heading

Luggage signed by Automobili Lamborghini

Luggage signed by Automobili Lamborghini

By Automobili Lamborghini SpA on April 17. 2015 in LamboNEWS.

Luggage signed by Automobili Lamborghini and TecknoMonster: Bynomio, on display in Via Monte Napoleone in Milan

Automobili Lamborghini has added its mark to the latest generation of high-end luggage from TecknoMonster: Bynomio rolling luggage is an exclusively Italian, co-branding project between Automobili Lamborghini and TecknoMonster, and is on display to passers-by inside the specially constructed pop-up showcase until 28 April at Via Monte Napoleone 6, Milan.

Also on display are a sculpture from Centro Stile Lamborghini and a Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4. These initiatives are included in the calendar of events of Audi City Lab, which runs through to 8 May.

Entirely fabricated in Italy, the collection of high-end rolling bags signed by Automobili Lamborghini and TecknoMonster is created using the same materials employed in Lamborghinis super sports cars: carbon fiber cured in the autoclave, fully-machined aluminium, and high-grade hides tanned exclusively in Italy.

An icon of Italian excellence, the Bynomiocollection comprises four differentbags - two cabin sizes and two hold sizes - designed to satisfy every travellers possible need. The unique style of the bags shell is complemented by two lining options: a Sport Naked interior, made of visible, lightweight carbon fiber inspired by super sports cars, or embellished with Sport Icon quilted leather, inspired by hexagonal geometry that is one of the peculiarity of Automobili Lamborghini.The exclusive Bynomio rolling bag collection will be distributed world-wide through the Automobili Lamborghini mono-brand shops,, the network of Lamborghini dealers, and selected multi-brand shops.

April 13. 2015

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