PUR rose gold wheels on Murcielago Roadster heading

PUR rose gold wheels on Murcielago Roadster

PUR rose gold wheels on Murcielago Roadster

By Mark Smeyers on June 11. 2013 in LamboNEWS.

I found an article on this rather special looking Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster published at ... they listed it as a Murciélago LP670-4 SV on Rose Gold wheels ... now that isn't exactly right to be honest ... and my first impression wasn't correct either.

This Grigio Telesto Lamborghini on amazing looking PUR 6IX Monoblock Rose Gold wheels (13x20 inch at the back by the way) had me puzzled for a second too ... I immediately noticed it wasn't an LP670-4 Super Veloce for the simple fact it was a Roadster. Now I did create an LP670-4 Super Veloce Roadster ... in 1/18 scale, but as far as I know this never made it into real life production, not even a one off.

Then I noticed the orange details ... and the description on the front bumper ... this looks like a limited edition Lamborghini Murciélago LP650-4 Roadster, the final production of this topless V12 flagship of which only 50 have been built, hence a very rare car indeed ... but some things just didn't add up after inspecting the photos in detail.

The orange painted sections look a bit too 'Rose Gold' to me, now that could be the post processing of the photos, so that wouldn't be definite proof ... but something else is: the engine cover. In fact the LP650-4 left the factory with the otherwise optional glass engine cover and this car has the regular, older Roadster engine cover.

Also there should be an LP650-4 script on the adjustable air intakes next to the engine cover too, and more importantly a lot of orange details in the interior ... and this car doesn't show any of these ... instead I notice a large SV decal on the driver side ... while on the passenger side this decal looks to be mirrored in fact ... rather strange.

Still the overall impression with the very special shade of gold finished wheels from PUR is very good, sure it is different, but I for one prefer Rose Gold wheels over the bright green or red anodized shades that pop up lately ... so yes this is another attention grabbing set of wheels on a car that really doesn't need any help to draw attention to it ... but still it looks nice, and that matters to people that take the tuning route on their Raging Bull.

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