Squadra Corse created the SC20 heading

Squadra Corse created the SC20

Squadra Corse created the SC20

By Mark Smeyers on December 8. 2020 in LamboNEWS.

It seems we were spot on when we published our article 'Is Squadra Corse preparing a new SC20 model?' back in October this year ... we now found images of a white Lamborghini SC20 that was built by Squadra Corse for a customer on special request.

Just like the SC18 back in 2018, this new SC20 seems to be a one-off build for a fortunate customer, this time based on the Aventador SVJ, the V12 in the SC20 is rated at 770hp, and if we break it down the SC20 is a restyled, topless version of the SC18, and it looks stunning.

Some styling from the SC18 is visible, but also influences from the Veneno are present ... and with that low, almost non-existent windshield, the memories of the 2012 Aventador J come to mind again, another one-off Aventador based model made in Sant'Agata.

I for one can't wait to see more photos and read about this new Lamborghini SC20.

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