The Italian Job reloaded, celebrating 50 years of the Miura heading

The Italian Job reloaded, celebrating 50 years of the Miura

The Italian Job reloaded, celebrating 50 years of the Miura

By Mark Smeyers on July 11. 2016 in LamboNEWS.

2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the by now legendary Lamborghini Miura, with the original P400 model being valued up to $780,000 and the P400 S reaching the $1,000,000 quickly these days. The ultimate, most sought after Miura has to be the final edition SV or Spinto Veloce with prices rising above the $1,3000,000 mark.

Miura SV and Aventador SV ... Spinto Veloce from the Sixties, Superveloce from 2016

Safe to say the Miura has quickly become a solid investment, and when Lamborghini celebrates the 50th anniversary of this model by gathering no less than 20 of these masterpieces they will draw a lot of attention during their 2016 Tour that ended in Florence.

But Automobili Lamborghini SpA went one step further to commemorate these amazing Raging Bulls, remember the 1969 cult film The Italian Job directed by Peter Collinson? The opening scene featured a bright orange Lamborghini Miura ... the most iconic sports car at that moment ... so Lamborghini decided to do "The Italian Job Reloaded" ... celebrating the Miura by actually driving her on the same road as used for this movie.

Remake of a scene in the Italian Job movie in 2016 with a stunning Lamborghini Miura SV

The climax of the 50th Anniversary Miura Tour event would become a remake of the famous opening scene of this film, taking two Miura from the museum, a P400S and a P400SV, and drive them up the hairpins of state road 27 ... part of the Grand St. Bernard pass in the heart of the Italian Alps ... hence the name 'Reloaded'

The Miura were joined by Stanzani, Reggiani, Dallara and Gandini

Actually being able to take two Lamborghini Miura onto the Grand St. Bernard pass was already a serious feat on it's own as the pass is normally closed at this time of year, an escort from Anas (the Italian government owned company that maintains the roads) and the Polizia Stradale was required to allow these two amazing Lamborghini Miura to drive up the Great St Bernard Pass.

  This bright green metallic Lamborghini Miura SV was restored by Polostorico

The very first Lamborghini Miura that was restored by the special Lamborghini PoloStorico department was also featured in these celebrations, chassis number #4846 had actually won the Trofeo BMW Group Italia award at the Concorso di Eleganza Villa D’Este, a very prestigious award that is decided by public vote.

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