This Countach does 191 mph in 7 seconds heading

This Countach does 191 mph in 7 seconds

This Countach does 191 mph in 7 seconds

By Mark Smeyers on July 29. 2015 in LamboNEWS.

At first glance the quickest Lamborghini Countach can be found in Australia ... reaching a speed of 191 Mph (307.51 Km/h) in a mere 7.270 seconds ... but there is a small detail ... at closer inspection it isn't a real Lamborghini.

Take a look at this massive V8 complete with blower and impressive air intake, which might interfere with visibility, mount inside a body that resembles the legendary Lamborghini Countach, but there is no V12 engine anywhere to be found ... instead you get two rather small wheels up front and two giant drag wheels in the rear, with those special 'wheelie bars' to keep her from tipping over when accelerating ... and naturally a rear wing that keeps her planted onto the strip.

So even if it isn't a real Lamborghini Countach, which would be very expensive these days anyway, this car does look really impressive...

Check this YouTUBE link to see this car in action: Lamborghini blown V8 drag car

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