Lamborghini At La Brasa

After the Lamborghini meeting at Rumbeke last year, a new event will be happening on September 3 and 4, 2005, the start if this event is unfortunately only open for actual Lamborghini owners, but the ‘paddock’ on September 4 will be open for the public to admire these stunning cars.

If you would like to enter your Lamborghini for this fun event feel free to contact the organization by mailing Anthony or by calling him on his cell phone : +32 (0)496/94.06.04 or +32 (0)475/34.33.77.

To have a walk between the cars on September 4 you can head to the following address : La Brasa
Duizendzinnenstraat 16
8800 Roeselare

Note that you can only enter from 18h00 on, so don’t be too early, to participate the entry fee is 5 Euro per person, if you would like to walk around between the Lamborghini’s and have a nice dinner at La Brasa you’ll have to obtain a ticket for 35 Euro per person, the latter is only available after reservation to be able to organize the event in a timely matter.