A WALLlpaper

LamboCARS will be updating the LamboWALLS WALLpaper selection on an almost daily basis to offer you a collection of Lamborghini WALLpapers like nowhere else to be found online. Also note we will be offering even more resolution options from now on.

You will be able to download all our new LamboWALL images in just about every screen resolution available, including the very popular 1366×768 format used on many netbooks, but also the wide 1600×900 resolution found in several laptops, we still keep the older formats like 800×600 and the still widely used 1280×1024 format. We also added the real HD format of 1920×1080 next to the earlier 1900×1200 we already offered, and even the brand new iPAD format of 2048×1536 is listed on our new LamboWALLS together with the large 2560×1600 and 2560×1440 often seen on iMac screens … and just in case you are the lucky owner or a new iMac 27″ unit with the massive 2880×1800 pixels … we will now make the LamboWALLS in that resolution too.

Check out our latest LamboWALL additions right now at LamboWALLS – WALLpapers at