Today we received some amazingly detailed shots from Andre showing the test mule used by Lamborghini to develop the Murciélago successor, and some interesting details could be distilled from them.

This car is still heavily camouflaged with black tape and add-ons that surely won’t make it onto the production model for which the preparations are being executed at Sant’Agata. At this moment you can no longer order a Murciélago, the entire production line is being modified to suit the new flagship we’ll probably only see in Geneva next year as it is highly unlikely Lamborghini will show two new cars at Paris next week.

If you take a look at the three quarter view you clearly notice a massive air intake behind the doors, will this one make it onto the actual production model ? Only insiders know this, but my guess would be yes, however those horizontal ‘strikes’ on the door will not make it, they are taped on to put us on the wrong track.

The full side view does show a rather long car, with large overhang both at the front and at the rear, somehow I don’t think this profile unveils anything of the Murciélago successor yet, what we can however clearly make out from these shots is that the black tape is covering a yellow car, that’s for sure.

This car also features a full width, adjustable rear wing and if you look closely there are still shoulder mounted air intakes, if they are adjustable like on the Murciélago and Reventòn remains to be seen, we can’t make this out from these shots.

In one shot we see the engine cover open, and it’s large to say the least, somehow I’m still not convinced this car shows us any design queues for the upcoming flagship made in Sant’Agata, too bad a shot of the engine was out of the question, but I’m sure we’ll be getting 12 cylinders and most likely just over 700 Bhp, the Murciélago SuperVeloce already delivers 670 Bhp, so the jump to 700 shouldn’t be too difficult.

What did catch my eye at once in this shot was the upward opening door, yes … they are still there, no way Automobili Lamborghini SpA could get away with normal opening doors on their new flagship, so at least this one reminds us of the earlier V12 models.

Is this car a preview of what we are likely to see early next year at Geneva ? I’m not sure, I still think it’s merely a test mule with the underpinnings of the Murciélago successor but hidden from view by a body that has been made from various models put together and doesn’t show us any of the styling for the new flagship … also I’m convinced that Automobili Lamborghini SpA still let’s us take shots like this knowing very well what they are doing, no way are these ‘accidental’ shots, they know these shots will draw attention while they develop the new car in total secrecy, unseen to the public … and they will wipe us completely away when the covers are taken from the long awaited, actual Murciélago successor next year in Geneva.