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With the brand new Lamborghini V10 model reaching the final stages of development before the official release in March 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show we are bound to be seeing more and more spyshots of the car during final testing … only weeks ago we were able to publish the new V10 Bull in action on the track in Germany, still wearing a lot of cardboard camouflage … when today we bring you some brand new photos made in Sölden, Austria by Toine and published on AutoBLOG.

These photos still show a camouflaged car, but this time the black and white cameo actually doesn’t work too much at hiding he overall design of the car, in fact by looking at the photos in detail we can get a very nice impression on how the Lamborghini Gallardo successor will look when the cover gets removed in a few months.

Sure there are still lots of decals and stickers all over this car to hide some of the design elements, like the taillights at the rear and the headlights up front … both being covered by tape to hide their exact look, but we get a good idea anyway.

Still the styling and shape of both the rear and the front bumper seem to be recognizable in these shots, too bad no photo of the side was taken, we would have had a better look at that low air intake in front of the rear wheels which reminds us of the one used on the Murciélago, also the styling behind the side window looks visible now too with an Aventador style air intake just behind the window section.

If the design of the engine cover looks anything like the one shown on these photos it takes us back to the Miura styling, using louvers to extract air from the engine bay … just imagine how a Spyder version would look … or even better, the Squadra Corse edition of this model.