VOS Performance Huracan Final Edition

Date posted : August 9. 2016

Vision of Speed, or VOS Performance, is a high-end tuning company located in Neckarwestheim, Germany that has created a very nice selection of aerodynamic parts for the exterior of the Lamborghini Huracán together with a set of carbon fiber finished interior upgrades ... as CEO Michael Keller states 'a bespoke interior tailored to match a head-turning exterior is mandatory to achieve a perfect balance'.

The VOS Performance rear wing is very impressive on this Lamborghini Huracan

VOS Performance created the 'Final Edition' package for the Lamborghini Huracán consisting of a €1,490 front lip in clear carbon fiber that fits the standard front bumper of the V10 Bull, a new rear diffuser that comes in at €6,990 and an option of two different rear wings, the fixed 'Pur Vida' zero neutral fixed rear wing will set you back €7,490 while the adjustable 'Torneo' rear wing is listed at €9,900. The finishing touch comes in the form of a €1,190 set of caps to be fitted to the rear view mirrors and a €490 fuel filler cap ... all in clear carbon fiber finish.

The list of carbon fiber parts continues for the interior, starting with the door sill inlays at €690, a frame to be fitted on the top area of the central console (€595) and two side panels for the same console (€1,290). The hexagon air vents on top of the dashboard of the Huracán can also be covered in a carbon fiber finish for €1,690 while the door handles are listed at €1,190 and those shift paddles behind the steering wheel switch to a carbon fiber finish for €2,190.

Very nice, custom steering wheel from VOS Performance for the Lamborghini Huracan

For €1,190 the covers on the switches found on the factory original steering wheel can receive the same carbon fiber finish, but for €1,690 you'll get a completely custom made steering wheel in leather or Alcantara combined with carbon fiber ... one final option from VOS Performance is the €990 panel on top of the dashboard pod.

Looks are one thing, but with an impressive aerodynamic kit on the Lamborghini Huracan Final Edition you will also need a custom exhaust system ... the VOS Performance exhaust is listed at €6,900, adding 12hp to the V10 engine and 10 kg less weight ... but an even more impressive sounding, Titan exhaust system from Akrapovic is available at €9,520 ... the latter one adds about 20hp to the power output while weighing in at 20.5 kg less than the factory unit.

VOS Performance offers a very nice package for the Huracan called Final Edition

At the moment the white demo Lamborghini Huracán 'Final Edition' is listed for sale on their website at €196,218 before taxes ... or you can contact them to order your selection of parts for the Huracán you already own.

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