UK based AutoCAR was able to test drive the Aventador

Date posted : May 5. 2011

One of the first test drivers not executed by official Lamborghini pilots was performed by UK based AutoCAR, Steve Sutcliffe made it absolutely clear what this new Raging Bull actually stands for when he said "not perhaps the most ethical car, but easily one of the fastest cars we'll test this year and definately one of the loudest".

The comment he made when the white Lamborghini Aventador accelerates away from a standstill next to mr Sutcliffe had to be 'beeped' from the soundtrack ... who can blame them with such an amazing looking car that has the performance to match those amazing looks.

After a tour on the open road, AutoCAR is also able to take the LP700-4 on the track and try to figure out where the limits on this brand new flagship might be ... is Steve able to touch the limits of the Aventador ? Find out in the video below :

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