Yellow Mansory Venatus for sale

Date posted : January 1. 2021

You might not expect this, but there are regions in the world where you'll encounter a Lamborghini Urus almost at every corner ... think Los Angeles for instance, or in Dubai ... wherever there are wealthy people, you'll find several Urus, so for those that still want to stand out in a 'Urus congested' environment there is Mansory GmbH.

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Mansory unveiled the Venatus, based on the Lamborghini Urus, the Venatus is a complete restyle, bumpers, fenders, hood, and even interior, Mansory left no part untouched when they create their Venatus, their Geneva show car boasted a matt grey body with orange accents, and they continued that theme on the inside, where Mansory restyled the stitching pattern on the seats ... they even named this car the 'Venatus 1/1'.

Rear view of the yellow Mansory Venatus Evo, based on the Urus, with three rear wings

But Mansory didn't stop there, the Geneva show car might have been a one-off, but Mansory released a modified Venatus EVO kit that can be ordered by any Lamborghini Urus owner, and this EVO kit comes with not one, not two, but three rear wings ... and if the aggressive aero kit isn't enough to set your Urus apart from the neighbors one, get the bespoke Mansory interior too.

Mansory is famous for their in-house carbon fiber work, they have their own autoclave by the way, but this German-based manufacturer is also a master in creating bespoke interiors, using leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber, and even wood to give the customer the option of having a one-off interior ... and Mansory can replace everything inside the factory standard Lamborghini Urus, not a single part is left untouched, the stitching pattern is changed, even the start button is moved to the roof in a Mansory Venatus EVO.

The combination of yellow and black actually works inside this Mansory Venatus

On the Mansory Venatus EVO you get three, center-mounted exhaust tips in the new rear diffuser, naturally they mount 24 inch forged wheels ... but it doesn't stop there ... Mansory offers an 810hp Power Performance kit with a new turbocharger for the Lamborghini Urus, from the factory, this Super SUV comes with 650hp.

Naturally, there is a long waiting period if you would like to have your 'normal' Lamborghini Urus converted into a Mansory Venatus EVO ... but there is an option for those that have no patience: this bright yellow Mansory Venatus shown here is for sale, completely finished, full-option ... at 'only' €556,800 including taxes (€480,000 net).

So if you are interested in this yellow Bull, take a look at the Mansory listing now, before she's gone.

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