Most of us probably will only see a Lamborghini Aventador parked somewhere, or at a local car show, but people like Brett David, CEO of Lamborghini Miami want to take this rare exotic beyond whatever the factory in Sant’Agata made … so why not go for a special metal vinyl wrap.

And if you are looking into something like that why not take it to edge and go for a little Midas touch and turn the Bull into gold … meet project AU79, the golden Aventador recently unveiled by Lamborghini Miami with a wrap done by Auto Supershield.

It does look different, especially with those blacked out windows, black wheels and exterior rear view mirrors … if you look really close you will also note the Lamborghini script at the back is finished in gold too.

I’m sure this kind of personalisation isn’t for everybody, but I’m also confident this will not remain a one-off …

More about the AU79 concept can be found at