Lamborghini Estoque – Guide

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Paris, October 1. 2008 Lamborghini finally unveiled the new Estoque model, after no less than four teaser shots that gave away some details of this new car, the full shots are now available, and they show an impressively styled four-door super sedan.

As we’ve mentioned from the start, there is a front-mounted engine, and in the case of the Estoque concept car, this is the V10 engine also found in the Gallardo LP560-4, so expect a horsepower rating of 560 Bhp for this large four-seater, with a total length of 515 cm this is a rather impressive car altogether.

At the moment Automobili Lamborghini SpA is talking about a production version of this concept as early as 2010, probably offering more engine variants, there is even a rumor about a V12 diesel-powered edition.

The Lamborghini Estoque is a concept sedan that features a long, low, and wide profile, making it longer and wider than a Cadillac STS and slightly taller than a Porsche 911. With a unique and unmistakable style, the Estoque’s long wheelbase, wide track, oversized wheels, low silhouette, and bold appearance demonstrate the creativity of Lamborghini’s design applied to a groundbreaking concept sedan.

The concept car shown in Paris was powered by a Gallardo LP560-4 engine, and it featured a permanent four-wheel drive setup, a twin-clutch auto gearbox, and 22-inch rims at the front and 23-inch rims at the back. Unlike the Gallardo, the Estoque offers seating for four adults and plenty of luggage space while still providing the capability to cruise at 200 mph.

The Estoque’s design is characterized by sharp edges, straight cuts, and creases, which contribute to its razor-sharp appearance. Despite being showcased in 2008, the design of the Estoque is still considered relevant and impressive today.

Built on an Audi A8’s aluminum spaceframe, the Estoque utilized the Gallardo’s 556 hp (563 PS/414 kW) V10 engine and channeled its power through a 7-speed dual-clutch system. Although the Estoque concept has not yet been brought to life as a production car, Lamborghini’s future prospects look bright, with rumors of a potential electric Estoque in the works.

The Lamborghini Estoque is a concept car and has not been released as a production model, so there is no official price available. However, when the Estoque concept was initially showcased, it was rumored to have a price tag of $230,000.