2022 Lamborghini Urus Performante Widebody Kit By RDB LA

The widebody kit accentuates the vehicle's robust appearance, yet it does not enhance the handling capabilities.

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Renowned in Los Angeles, California, for its comprehensive auto repair and customization services on an array of luxury and exotic vehicles, RDB displays a particular affinity for futuristic car models. They have recently demonstrated their expertise on the much-admired Lamborghini Urus Performante Super SUV by crafting a widebody kit. This great SUV, enhanced by 1016Industries, also features black 24-inch floating spoke wheels from Velos and a unique wrap color exclusively available at RDB LA.

Watch the world’s first wide performance Uris Performante, in action

Changes are limited to the exterior

Videoscreenshot youtube revealedworldsfirstwidebodyperformanteurus dontmissthis 722
the custom lip adds more muscle to the front profile

A mere three months after its launch, RDB unveiled the inaugural widebody kit for this model, compatible with both the Performante and Urus S versions. The outcome is an enlarged, fiercer SUV with a distinctive wrap, new wheels, and many fascinating features. RDB asserts that this kit significantly diverges from its predecessor and requires three months to conceive and construct. The widebody kit boasts a redesigned hood incorporating unique signature Performante hood vents. A novel line design is also integrated into the hood, which deviates from the standard model. Alongside the new hood, the car has an extended front lip that juts forwards and sideways. An abundance of carbon fiber components is present in both the roof and front lip.

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the side skirts add a little more flair

Mirroring the front profile, the side profile showcases OEM skirts that are initially composed of carbon fiber. However, RDB went the extra mile by applying additional carbon wraps and replacing the standard side skirts with extended ones.

Videoscreenshot youtube revealedworldsfirstwidebodyperformanteurus dontmissthis 609
the diffuser is all new and goes well with the akrapovic exhaust

This exceptional Urus Performante also exhibits an added flare behind the rear wheel bulge, equipped with slits. A wide rear body scoop is merged with the diffuser to form a carbon fiber unit. Another unique feature is a newly designed diffuser. The vehicle also offers an Akrapovic exhaust system straight from the Lamborghini factory. What truly distinguishes this vehicle is the wrap color – a harmonious blend of champagne gold, yellow, and brown. The RDB team maintains that a pearl finish contributes to this distinctive appearance.

This new widebody kit enhances the vehicle aesthetically and boosts its performance. The larger wheels improve road grip, while the whole wrap adds a personal touch, setting this vehicle apart.

2022 Urus Performante: Does It Need a widebody kit?

Urus performante dynamic launch 5
the urus performante already looks muscular without any body kit

Lamborghini unveiled the Urus Performante model in August 2022 as a successor to the Urus Super SUV. Despite being nearly 47 kilograms lighter, this updated model delivers an extra 16 horsepower while maintaining the same torque levels as its predecessor. The 2022 Urus Performante employs the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine but now boasts an output of 666hp and 627 lb-f of torque (but it hardly makes any difference in real-world performance. Why? watch the video).

In addition to increased power and reduced weight, the new SUV also received numerous design enhancements. The standard vehicle already features plenty of carbon fiber, and a newly introduced exhaust system further enhances its aural character.

The Performante already has a notably large, broad, and muscular presence in line with its competitors. While the widebody kit from RDB LA certainly adds a unique stylistic element, setting it apart from the standard model, it does not necessarily enhance the vehicle’s handling or aerodynamic properties.

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