2023 Lamborghini Revuelto revving Its V12 at factory gates

Revuelto switch from electric mode to the V12 mode

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We recently shared a first glimpse of the highly anticipated Revuelto as it cruised through the streets of Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, right in front of the Lamborghini factory. This exclusive moment showcased the Revuelto in its all-electric mode, gracefully gliding along (watch the video here). However, the highlight of this new clip is the distinct exhaust note when the Revuelto seamlessly transitioned from electric power to its all-new V12 combustion engine (skip ahead to the 1:57 mark in the video).

From 48V to V12 Power..

Captured by the diligent YouTuber Varryx, who patiently camped outside the factory gates, this footage allows us to glimpse the future Aventador replacement.

The Revuelto can travel approximately 6 miles (10 kilometers) in pure electric mode when its 3.8kWh battery pack is fully charged. The battery automatically recharges when the combustion engine is engaged. To refresh your memory, the hybrid drivetrain incorporates a recently developed 6.5-liter V12 engine, which, in conjunction with three electric motors, generates a total of 1,001 horsepower. Subsequently, this immense power is transmitted to all four wheels through the innovative eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Surprise Revuelto amouflage hint at more goodness

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the camouflaged revuelto sported very basic 10-spoke alloy wheels

The Revuelto you watch in this clip, adorned in complete camouflage, is undoubtedly a final pre-production model. But the reason behind the extensive camouflage still remains unknown to us, especially when other variants were only partially disguised. One plausible explanation is that Lamborghini is conducting comprehensive testing of various Revuelto versions, encompassing both base models and potentially special edition (more powerful offerings including the SVJ) variants that may boast a different exterior styling.

The car that was covered in extensive camouflage also featured new 10-spoke alloy wheels finished in matte black, which looks quite basic and will most probably feature in the base Revuelto models when it launches.

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revuelto leaving the factory almost finished, note the missing logo on the wheels

Urus Plug-in hints at the line full electrification

Final 1
the lamborghini urus phev was spotted alongside the other revuelto variants

In addition to showcasing the Revuelto, the full video also provishows several other upcoming Lamborghini models emerging from the factory, including the highly anticipated 2024 Urus PHEV. With its big electrical warning sign slapped on top of the camouflage cover this is really what is coming next to all Lamborghini in the future.