Discovering a Countach in a barn

1984 lamborghini countach lp500 s 1
1984 Lamborghini Countach LP500 S - reference photo

Imagine owning a Lamborghini Countach today, that’s a supercar from the Eighties with a value deep into six figures, some of the earlier LP400 models are even going onto seven figures now in pursuit of the legendary Miura, but things get really interesting if you look at this specific Countach LP500 S, the wide fender, rear wing, front spoiler version with the enlarged 5-Liter V12 engine, the predecessor to the amazing Quattrovalvole version, and the successor to the LP400 S, built between 1982 and 1985, only 323 units of the 5-Liter S model were ever made, the early ones being 40 years old at the time of writing.

1984 lamborghini countach lp500 s 2
1984 lamborghini countach lp500 s – reference photo

Also note that the Lamborghini Countach LP500 S didn’t really make it onto the United States market in the early 80s, at least not in her original engine format with the side draft Weber carburetors, some got imported, however, and the car we’re looking at here had some custom-made fuel injection setup, which seems to be a Porsche Bosch system, installed to make her pass emissions and be legal to drive in the US, but the owner didn’t really like it and wanted to convert her back to original, let’s say Euro specs, with those six Webers and all the bells and whistles.

1984 lamborghini countach lp500 s 3
1984 lamborghini countach lp500 s – reference photo

The owner didn’t get the custom fuel injection system to run properly, sadly this amazing Countach got parked in a garage in the late Nineties while he set out to buy all the required parts, all OEM Lamborghini, to revert her to a Carburetor setup … but as life gets in the way, this red beauty would never see the light of day again, let alone be started … she just sat there for years, gathering dust, until Curated managed to buy her, complete with an entire load of original Lamborghini parts.

You can find a video of the actual barn find itself here, while we’re more interested now to take a look at how famous detailer AMMO NYC goes about bringing the exterior and interior of this stunning Lamborghini Countach somewhat back to life after being sat for decades, which as we all know is terrible on paint, rubber, leather, and so on.

Once the car is cleaned and detailed, which can take up to five days, she will be transported to Miami, accompanied with all the spare parts, so Curated can bring this lady back to her factory’s original side-draft Weber carburetor setup, and this rare, classic Countach will be worth several hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Make sure to watch the end of the above video, where John Temerian from Curated talks about the car, the previous owner, how the latter bought this Countach back in the late Eighties, drove it for a few years until the fuel pump seized, after which he parked the car, ordered the parts and had every intention of getting her back on the road … but, in the end, that never happened and the car sat for more than 20 years.