A behind the scenes look at how Lamborghini builds the Urus

Lamborghini urus production record 6

Automobili Lamborghini SpA keeps setting production records with the Urus Super SUV, a supercar that seats four or five people depending on the rear seat configuration comes with a massively powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine capable of power output between 640 hp on the original version and 657 hp on the mid-life facelift Urus S and the more aggressive Urus Perfomante, but the proof is in the numbers, in June 2022 they already built 20,000 units of this big Raging Bull, and now with the Urus S and Urus Performante, it doesn’t seem these numbers will slow down any time soon…

2023 lamborghini urus performante 40

If you walk into a Lamborghini dealership, you’ll be in for a very long wait for your new Urus to arrive, which is why the second-hand market is currently very strong, with a serious premium over ordering a brand new one, but as long as there are customers wanting to pay more to avoid waiting for their car, this will not change, even if that ‘used’ car isn’t exactly to your specifications, there is always aftermarket to make it yours, changing the color with a wrap is the least people do, fitting custom wheels is another option, or you go the full route and fit a wide-body aero kit … and if money really isn’t a problem, you can always have the entire interior retrimmed just for you.

But in case you are wondering how these Lamborghini Urus are being built inside the new factory in Sant’Agata, check out the video below that shows the Linea Urus from start to finish: