Illuminating Interior Add-Ons to Personalize Your Ride

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Part of the joy of owning an exclusive, high-performance car like a Lamborghini is the ability to customize it—to really make it your own. But while exterior flourishes like custom paint jobs or rims will certainly demonstrate your car’s uniqueness to the outside world, you also want to make sure it feels like a one-of-a-kind vehicle on the inside. That’s where interior add-on lighting can come in handy.

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Lots of owners buy interior lighting products for their Lambos to set the tone and adjust the ambience for their rides—but if you’ve never been down this road before, you’re probably wondering where to start. What are your options, and how can you make sure you’re choosing the best for your vehicle? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ll go over the different add-on options for interior lighting in Lamborghinis, and show you what to consider when picking one out for yourself.

Lamborghini Interior Lighting Options Explained

When it comes to purchasing interior lighting for your Lambo, your options break down into two main categories: “licensed” products or universal kits. It’s worth taking a closer look at each before deciding, since the details of each might surprise you.

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Via Lamborghini.

“Licensed” Lamborghini Kits

Pretty self explanatory; these are the option kits you’ll buy directly through Lamborghini when you’re purchasing a car from them. But while you might assume that products straight from the horse’s—er, I mean, raging bull’s—mouth would have the best quality, that’s not always the case.


On the upside, when you purchase interior lighting this way, the finished product is guaranteed to fit your model. You also won’t have to worry about installing it yourself, since it’ll be included as part of your build. But there are a couple of drawbacks to buying your interior lighting this way.


Lamborghini’s own lighting kits are branded, which means they’re expensive. Prices range from ~$1,100 (for the Lamborghini EVO ambient lighting kit) to over $3,000 (for interior lighting in the Lamborghini Urus). And some buyers have reported dissatisfaction with the quality of the final product—from missing lights on the passenger side to a surprisingly limited number of color options.

Lamborghini interior

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Universal Kits

Universal kits are where it gets interesting. These are aftermarket accessories made by a wide variety of different brands, many of which can fit a whole range of different vehicles.

You don’t need to pay premium prices for LED lighting kits just because you drive a Lambo. Online auto parts stores such as SuncentAuto offer lighting kits, in addition to other auto parts, and their kits will shine just fine in your Gallardo—trust us.


These aftermarket lighting kits are much more affordable than the options Lamborghini offers, and can be purchased in a practically endless variety of different colors. If you want the most bang for your buck, you can even just buy interior light bulbs meant to take the place of the standard courtesy door or dome lights. This will allow you to customize the interior of your car without having to add entire new lighting fixtures.


Of course, not all Lamborghinis can accommodate the same kinds of bulbs, so the term “universal” is a bit of a misnomer—but the solution is simple. Just check the fitment information on the products you’re buying ahead of time.

It’s also worth noting that with the vast amount of different aftermarket sellers out there, the quality across available products will vary. Read the checklist that follows this section to get an idea of what to look for when purchasing interior lighting for your car.

What to Consider When Buying Interior Lighting for Your Lambo

Regardless of whether you choose to buy your car’s interior lighting add-ons directly from Lamborghini at the time of purchase or seek out aftermarket options, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money on a quality product. Here are a few important things to consider before you make a commitment:

Lighting Type

While LED light bulbs and strips are becoming the norm in many newer cars, those of you with older Lambos might still have incandescent bulbs inside. Upgrading your interior lighting is a great opportunity to swap these out for energy-efficient LEDS, which emit brighter and cleaner light while pulling less energy from your car’s battery.

Ease of Installation

This really depends on the complexity of the kit you’re buying. Installing LED light bulbs that match your Lambo’s model is as simple as changing out the old bulbs for new ones, but you’ll want to look at the instructions or product descriptions for more elaborate systems and make sure you have the skills required before attempting DIY electrical work.

Powering the Lights

Some LED strips and add-on interior lighting systems are powered through your cigarette lighter adapter, but others might need to be connected directly to your car’s wiring. Again, read up thoroughly on the product you’re considering before making your purchase and ensure you’ll be able to hook it up easily.

Bluetooth Connectivity & Control Options

Some lighting kits connect to your phone via bluetooth, allowing you to control them by simply tapping your screen. You can even find options that let you change the color of your lights this way, or set patterns and other visual effects to delight everyone in your vehicle. Just be sure not to distract yourself while driving!

Make Your Lambo Incredible Inside & Out

Adding interior lighting to your Lamborghini can be much easier than it seems—as long as you know where and how to look for the right products. Use what you’ve learned above to save money and time when customizing the inside of your ride, and enjoy dazzling your passengers just as much as your car dazzles onlookers when you drive past.