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Lamborghini 350 gts - guide - lamborghini 350 gt

Lamborghini 350 GTS – Guide

The Stunning Roadster That Never Made Production

On the 1965 Turin Auto Show, the public could admire a very special 350 GT, Touring had designed and built a convertible along the...
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Lamborghini 350 GT – Guide

The 350 GT was a hit. The legend had begun.

Ferruccio Lamborghini unveiled the distinctively angular 350 GTV on October 29, 1963, at his newly built factory in Sant’Agata and later at the Turin...
Lamborghini 350 gtv - guide - lamborghini 350 gt

Lamborghini 350 GTV

The Striking GTV Was The Prototype That Started It All

Back in 1963 Ferruccio started investing in a brand new factory, just to create his ideal GT, but the very first Lamborghini car ever,...

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