The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato preview – the shades

2023 huracan sterrato preview 0

We already know the long-awaited Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato will finally be unveiled in a few weeks during the 2023 edition of Art Basel in Miami on November 30, but with all the teaser videos and now some more photos of the off-road version of the successful Huracan, we already know pretty much how the car will look, and it seems the orders for this yet ‘unseen’ car have been eagerly received, so much so that just about the entire production run until well into the second half of 2024 is already sold out.

2023 huracan sterrato preview 1

Before we take a further look at the new Huracan Sterrato, a cross between the Super SUV Urus and the Huracan EVO, let’s take another look at the three official videos Automobili Lamborghini SpA has been posting of the last few months to get an impression on what this final V10 model is all about:

Beyond the Concrete:

Beyond the Concrete – Part 2:

Beyond the Concrete – Part 3:

So what does this tell us about the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato? For one that it’s not another tarmac-eating supercar, this specific model is intended to extend your driving fun well beyond the paved, smooth streets onto gravel and sand, with the raised suspension the Sterrato will be able to tackle loose or dirt surfaces without too many issues, do keep in mind we’re not talking about massive ground clearance, nor a car that is capable of taking on steep inclines, there is still some serious overhang at the front and rear.

2023 huracan sterrato preview 2

But the Huracan Sterrato is so much more than just a Huracan with a raised suspension, check out the additional, very bright LED lights on top of the front bumper, that really looks cool don’t you agree, and there is an air scoop on the engine cover, peeking above the roof, which might be necessary because it seems there is some protection for gravel and dirt in front of the air intakes behind the side windows, by adding additional cool air intakes above the roof, where the risk of stones and chips is a little less than on the side, Lamborghini solved the problem of not having enough airflow into the engine bay I guess.

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There are even roof bars on top of this Huracan, if they are able to hold a lot of weight remains to be seen in the official press release, but imagine having a fold-up tent on top of this car … that might interfere with the airflow into that top-mounted air intake, but it would be amazing to take a camping trip with the Sterrato, although I do think the luggage space in this car might force you to travel light, very light indeed, and then we get to the wheel arch extensions, matt black bolted-on units that really remind me of the first LB-Works wide body, but it could also mean the track on the Sterrato is widened compared to the regular Huracan EVO, good for stability.

2023 huracan sterrato preview 3

Personally, I think the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is a car for those that are seeking fun over pure driving speed, if you want a supercar to just go fast on the road, get the Huracan EVO or even the Huracan STO, but if you want a more practical supercar that doesn’t have you break a sweat each time you have to drive up a curb on onto a non-paved driveway, the Sterrato might be your best choice … if you really need the space and seating for more than two, you’ll still have to get the Urus instead, but my idea is that even on a gravel road, the Sterrato will outperform the Urus … I can’t wait to see someone putting this to the test.

Just so you can imagine what the Huracan Sterrato will look like in a different color than matt army green (I’m sure that’s not the official color name), I’ve done some renders to show you this new, final V10 NA model from Sant’Agata in different shades.

Giallo Orion:

2023 huracan sterrato preview 5

Bianco Moncerus:

2023 huracan sterrato preview 6

Verde Selvans:

2023 huracan sterrato preview 7

Blu Cepheus:

2023 huracan sterrato preview 8

Verde Citrea:

2023 huracan sterrato preview 9