TODS and Lamborghini’s Groundbreaking Collaboration Redefines Luxury Footwear

Italian Luxury Brands Collaborates Launches Loafers & Sneakers

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In a groundbreaking fusion of haute couture and high-octane performance, Automobili Lamborghini and Tod’s have embarked on a prestigious collaboration. This alliance has culminated in a first-of-its-kind footwear collection that seamlessly blends Lamborghini’s legendary automotive excellence with Tod’s renowned craftsmanship in luxury goods.

This venture marks a defining moment in the luxury sector, symbolizing a harmonious blend of visionary design and impeccable Italian craftsmanship.

TODS and Lamborghini: Craftsmanship and Innovation


At the heart of this collaboration lie the shared values of both brands: an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Tod’s and Lamborghini, leaders in their respective realms of luxury goods and automotive design, have come together to push the boundaries of Italian style. This partnership celebrates the spirit of innovation that drives both companies, setting a new standard for elegance and performance.

The inaugural collection introduces footwear for both men and women, featuring two distinct models: the iconic Tod’s Gommino and a specially designed sneaker. Inspired by the color palette synonymous with both brands, these shoes exemplify a unique blend of fashion and automotive design aesthetics.

Design and Features

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The Gommino, reimagined for this collaboration, resonates with Lamborghini’s super sports car’s sleek lines and dynamic allure. Its new design features tubular banding that enhances its aerodynamic appeal, melding movement with elegance. The soles boast the signature ‘pebbles,’ a hallmark of Tod’s, now colored to match the heel or upper, exemplifying the attention to detail that both brands are renowned for. Crafted from the finest leathers from the world’s premier tanneries, each shoe is a testament to artisanal skill, requiring meticulous hand cutting and stitching.

Launch at Pitti Uomo

The prestigious Pitti Uomo in Florence was the grand stage for unveiling this exquisite collection. Known as the epitome of men’s style, the event perfectly encapsulated the essence of the collaboration. In all its variants, the collection was the highlight, showcased alongside two Lamborghini Revuelto models, symbolizing the synergy between these two worlds. Additionally, Tod’s artisanal prowess was on full display, with live demonstrations of the meticulous process of sewing and assembling the Gommino.

Future Projects

This footwear collection is just the beginning. Plans are already underway to expand this collaboration into leather goods and clothing collections, further solidifying the partnership between Tods and Lamborghini.

TODS and Lamborghini: Availability and Pricing

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The Tods for Automobili Lamborghini collection will be available starting 10 January 2024. This exclusive range can be found at

The bold two-tone loafers are priced at $895, while the stylish multi-hued sneakers will retail for $975. These pieces are available in seven or four colorways and promise to be the perfect complement to any Lamborghini fan’s wardrobe.