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Bashar Ajlani a senior Graphic Design student in the American University of Dubai created this award winning concept for a future Lamborghini model … called the Dynavonto, with the impressive history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA and the most legendary models made at Sant’Agata as inspiration Basher Ajlani managed to keep his design within the styling limits imposed by earlier Lamborghini models while still being able to adopt his own style of using dynamic curves into the concept … the result is indeed amazing.

With an emphasis on acceleration and top speed on earlier Lamborghini models the 2011 Geneva unveil of the Aventador LP700-4 clearly showed a third ‘highlight’ from the Italian car maker … handling. Not only does the Aventador accelerate tremendously fast to reach a very high top speed … it also handles very well, a philosophy Bashar Ajlani integrated into this Dynavonto Concept by creating an extremely smooth body style without additional spoilers or wings.

In fact Basher deliberately didn’t put a rear wing on his concept to keep it in line with the more recent Lamborghini models, initially the Murciélago didn’t have a rear wing … it would appear on the final evolution, the LP670-4 Super Veloce, but even on this race style road car that famous large rear wing was an option in fact. Also note the Reventon nor the Aventador have a rear wing available … the latter does have an adjustable section that doubles as a rear wing when it rises into to air at speed … but when standing still the side profile of an Aventador is one smooth line from front to rear … exactly the same as on this Dynavonto Concept.

Still the entire design of the body will create enough down force to allow the Dynavonto to reach a magnificent high speed while a trio of air intakes will draw air into the engine compartment to have the Raging Bull breath freely … if this is a V10, a V12 or a Hybrid powered Concept isn’t specified … but judging from the space behind the two seats and the location of two beautiful triangular exhaust pipes I would go for a massive V12 to be honest.

In fact this Dynavonto Concept made such an impression it managed to obtain the Platinum A’ Design Award in the Vehicle, mobility and Transportation design category.