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Lamborghini has collaborated with different bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers to create exclusive and limited edition bikes. Here are some Lamborghini bikes and their details:

First Lamborghini Bicycle

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At the 1979 Frankfurt Motor Show, Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveiled a rather special bicycle, it wasn’t built in Italy, but in Germany by Lamborghini Bike International.

This two-wheeler was very well built, using Titanium wherever possible, combined with expensive Magnesium and Polyester, all this added up to a weight of only 6.5 Kg.

The Lamborghini bicycle was built on special order only, at a cost of 7,000 DM at the time, but the production run was to be limited to only 500 units.

Before the bicycle was delivered, the actual customer’s name was engraved into the frame. Note that the very first one was ordered by Herbert von Karajan.

Cervélo R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition

Cervelo 01

The Cervélo R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition is a high-performance road bike designed in collaboration between Lamborghini and Cervélo Cycles, drawing inspiration from the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The bike aims to deliver ride quality and comfort while maintaining extreme performance capabilities. It emphasizes aerodynamic efficiency, light weight, and stiffness, similar to the Aventador.

The revamped Cervélo R5 has been described as a kinder and gentler machine compared to its predecessor, with a decrease in stiffness that does not negatively impact power transfer. Designed to take on the steepest uphill climbs and downhill tracks in the Dolomite Alps, the R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition provides a perfect balance between performance and handling.

The R5 is Cervélo’s stiffest road bike model, featuring a build made almost entirely from carbon, disc brakes, and an impressive design. The stock version starts at $9,500, with an option to purchase just the frame for $3,800.

The R5 Disc, designed to tackle the steepest climbs and descents, is fast by any measure, but it sets itself apart with its handling and poise. The R5 has a sleek and attractive design with all models utilizing wireless shifting, a long wheelbase and low bottom bracket for stability when descending at high speeds, a stiff carbon frame, and skinny seat stays for excellent power transfer during acceleration.

Although the Cervélo R5 has been praised for its performance and handling, some reviews mention that its lack of significant aero credentials puts it behind other bikes in its class, and some adjustments may be needed for a perfect fit.

Lamborghini E-Bike Models

Ebike lamborghini italtechnology crosser

Automobili Lamborghini, in collaboration with Italtechnology, has introduced two e-bike models: the Lamborghini Crosser and Lamborghini Sporter. The Crosser is designed for off-road use and features a front shock, slacker geometry, and higher ground clearance, making it suitable for challenging terrains. The Sporter, on the other hand, is perfect for road use in the city or as a gravel bike when fitted with optional tires.

The Lamborghini Crosser is priced at $19,300+ and features a Neox FL80S motor, a lithium-ion 48V 500Wh battery with a charge time of 4-6 hours, a top speed of 20 mph (Class 1), and a claimed range of 30-60 miles. The Crosser has an 8-speed sequential automatic gearbox, Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes, and an aluminum fork.

Ebike lamborghini sporter

As a class one e-bike, the Lamborghini E-Bike does not require a license to operate. At a price point of $18,000, shipping and assembly are included in the purchase. This e-bike is ideal for cyclists who need assistance when tackling steep inclines or when experiencing fatigue.

The Lamborghini E-Bike features groundbreaking design and technology, having been designed from the ground up as an e-bike without any preconceived notions of what constitutes an e-bike or a bicycle. It is synonymous with high quality, durability, and functionality in the production and processing of materials, as well as the elegance of its design and finishes.

The Lamborghini E-Bike models are characterized by their integrated batteries, an anti-theft feature, a top speed of 20 mph, and road e-bike capabilities.

Automobili Lamborghini and 3T

Automobili Lamborghini and 3T, a renowned manufacturer of high-end bicycles, have extended their collaboration by introducing two new luxury bike models. These models are inspired by the supercars from Sant’Agata Bolognese, the location of Lamborghini’s headquarters in Italy.

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The first model, the Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini, is a gravel bike that is lightweight due to its assembly with 3T carbon components. It is available in the exclusive Centro Stile liveries of Verde Selvans and Oro Elios. The second model, the Strada x Automobili Lamborghini, is designed with a focus on aerodynamics and comfort. This model comes in the shades of Arancio Apodis and Viola Pasifae.

Both bicycles were developed in collaboration with Lamborghini Centro Stile, and their color schemes were inspired by iconic Lamborghini super sports cars. Both models are constructed exclusively in Italy from 3T carbon components, making them extremely fast and lightweight.

The new models follow the successful collaboration between 3T and Lamborghini that resulted in the Exploro Racemax x Huracán Sterrato, a luxury bike launched in 2022 that combined 3T’s experience in gravel bicycle design with Lamborghini’s style and high performance.

The new Racemax X Automobili Lamborghini looks much like the earlier Exploro Racemax X but has some significant component changes. Notably, it uses SRAM Force groupsets instead of SRAM RED.

The starting price for these ultra-high-end bicycles is around $9,000. This new launch from 3T and Lamborghini embodies a synergy between the tradition and innovation that both brands value and their shared pioneering spirit continues to shine in their collaboration.