Just when you think the Lamborghini Veneno would be the wildest looking Raging Bull for years to come you get proven wrong by a brand new concept unveiled during the 50th Anniversary celebrations on May 11 in Sant’Agata … when the Lamborghini Egoista rolls in the venue.

A monoposto concept that looks like it came straight from an aircraft carrier, this new Lamborghini has no doors but instead features a real life canopy to allow entrance in to the ‘cockpit’ … just take a look at the angular design of this totally unexpected super exotic … one off prototype, which sadly will not be for sale, it is only a showcase of what Lamborghini could do when there are absolutely no limits set by legal restraints.

Somehow I don’t think the front would comply with ‘pedestrian safety rules’, the nose is diving very deeply forward featuring an air intake that flows into a black section that continues until it reaches the windshield … or should this be the turret in this case.

Up front there are still two Xenon headlights, but they are hidden inside the air intakes while the Lamborghini Egoista is probably the first car with ‘marker lights’ … two white lights up front, two red lights at the rear with a third red light flashing on the tail and two orange lights on the sides … two additional lights on the roof, one red and one green at the left and right respectively … similar to a fighter plane I guess.

Note the ‘Caution’ warnings on the carbon fiber front spoiler, side sills and rear diffuser to warn you not to get caught in the ‘blast’ of this amazing looking car. Getting into the seat requires you to open the special anti-radar and anti-glare orange canopy (done by electric motors), sit on the left side of the car and swing your legs into the cockpit, stand on the seat and ‘slide’ down, a four point seat belt with every ‘strand’ finished in a different color will hold you in place, while the steering wheel had to be removed to enter or exit the Egoista … just like on a Formula One car.

Naturally a car like this couldn’t use a regular dashboard, instead the important information is delivered by head up displays … Top Gun on wheels right , the cockpit is made from aluminum and carbon fiber, just like the rest of the body on the Egoista … which if you look closely resembles a charging bull with the horns forward.

Power comes from a 5.2 Liter V10 engine that gets lots of cooling air from the multitude of air intakes all over the car, at the rear there are even two adjustable wings integrated into the design, which has been coordinated by Walter De Silva while the exterior styling came down to Alessandro D’Ambrosio and the interior was designed by Stefan Sielaff.

UPDATE : Official press release, press photos and more information can be found on our Lamborghini Egoista prototype page.