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It is still about four months before the doors on the 2010 Geneva Auto Show will open, but as usual the rumor mill is working overtime already, some say that we will see a production version of the Estoque in Switzerland while other insist a new flagship is in the making, positioned above the Murciélago, while a third group merely talks about a successor to the current flagship.

Whichever direction the factory is heading for, I’m sure that they will again surprise us all in Geneva next year, be it with a new front engined V12 GT or the latest incarnation of the mid-engine V12 exotic.

For a while the name ‘Jota’ surfaced again, first used on the magnificent, one of a kind Miura built by Bob Wallace in the late Sixties and later used again to denote a special tuning package available on the already limited edition Diablo SE 30 … both extreme super cars in their own time, so giving this name to a new model wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The SV was also used again, it first came to be used on the Miura swan song to become one of the most sought after Lamborghini ever and later on the Diablo was again chosen to wear a large ‘SV’ on the sides so you could recognize it as the rear wheel drive, lighter version of the VT model … and behold, it is now used on the most impressive Murciélago ever made, the SuperVeloce, so why not use the Jota again too ?

Be it a new model or a successor to the Murciélago, a few things we can assume already : it will most likely use a carbon fiber chassis and a freshly developed V12 engine with a displacement of at least 6 Liter with a power output near 700 Bhp if it is to compete with the latest exotics on the market in the near future … the Prancing Horse isn’t standing still either, so the Raging Bull will have to show it’s supremacy once again.

By the way, remember the name Urus ? It was registered years ago, even before the Estoque saw the day of light in Paris, so it could be used for a new car couldn’t it ? But that hasn’t been confirmed by any reliable source, so it is pure speculation at this moment, and actually is sounds rather weird doesn’t it ?

But let’s take a totally different approach : the Estoque was very well received during the unveiling in Paris, now over a year ago, however the bad economy make it disappear onto the shelves, but now we see that the Porsche is selling rather well, even the Aston is selling steadily and behold, a new A8 model is making it’s way to Geneva next year, probably with another S8 derivative using the Gallardo V10 engine somewhere down the line. And what’s even more is the fact that Bugatti is also contemplating a four door super sedan to enter, be it limited, production.

So the idea of a Lamborghini four door GT isn’t so far fetched as some people think it is, this would be a brand new segment in the super car market for Lamborghini since the Espada went out of production back in 1978, and it would be a smart move I think. Automobili Lamborghini is also thinking about hybrid models, a four door would be an ideal candidate for such a power plant, a high speed super sedan that can seat four people in class while cruising at high velocity and still have a hybrid propulsion.

If you ask me the cards are still out on the table right now, one thing is for sure, there will be something special on display at the Lamborghini stand in Geneva early March 2010, but any details on what it will exactly be is wishful thinking, one thing we can be sure about however : it will have four wheels and wear the Raging Bull emblem with proud !