One of a kind Murciélago SV for sale in the US

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Back in 2009, Lamborghini unveiled, in my mind, the most beautiful Murciélago ever, the LP670-4 SV, or Superveloce, this 6.5-Liter V12 top-of-the-line version of the then-current LP640-4 was introduced as a limited edition model, all numbered, with a unique plaque fitted between the Alcantara clad lightweight sport seats, production would be just 350 units, and I was there when the bright Giallo Orion Murciélago Superveloce was unveiled to the public at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, and she was a beauty, very aggressively styled, but a stunning car nonetheless, especially with the optional ‘high’ rear wing which would be imitated by countless ‘tuners’ afterward.

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As standard fitment, the Murciélago Superveloce came with a ‘duck tail’ rear wing, the ‘low’ wing option, but most of these SVs were ordered with the higher rear wing, finished in visible carbon fiber, riding on some of the most stylish struts ever seen on a road car, and while everyone imagined this ‘Super Speed’ version of the Murciélago would attract a lot of buyers, things turned out differently, being unveiled in 2009, most of these were to be built on the Linea Murciélago at Sant’Agata during 2010, but the rumor of the successor, which would become the Aventador that was introduced in 2011, apparently held many customers back to put in an order for the Murciélago swansong model, so in the end, the 350 units never sold out, most sources mention 186 units in total, while other sources list just over 250 units to be sold … whichever is the case, it’s clear that the Murciélago LP670-4 Superveloce is the rarest, most sought-after, model today, with prices heading over seven figures in a hurry, and that’s for the E-Gear models, a manual Murciélago Super Veloce is worth a whole lot more, as only a handfull of those were built, E-Gear was a no-cost option on the Superveloce.

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This brings us to chassis ZHWBU8AH8ALA04002, a 2010 US-Spec Murciélago LP670-4 Superveloce, originally sold by Prestige Imports in Miami, the base MSRP on this car was $450,000 at the time, but this specific one, nr 240/350, came with some interesting options, like an Ad Personam interior at $2,800, a perforated steering wheel at $780, the rear view camera which was a $4,350 option you hardly could live without. Up next another $4,900 for the navigation system, $4,900 for the Superveloce carbon package, those yellow calipers behind the glossy black wheels, that’s another $920 please … and that massive, but so beautiful rear wing, well, that’s a $7,000 option too, and while they had to add the GGT ($5,400) and Destination Charge ($2,995), those prices are dwarfed by this last option … this is the one and only Lamborghini Murciélago Superveloce finished in Rosso Andromeda in the world, which was a $14,000 option back in 2010, making this a half a million Bull, $498,045 to be exact.

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This beautiful red Murciélago Superveloce was enjoyed by her owner when in 2015 the car was involved in a front-end collision, complete with airbag deployment, sadly this meant the car ended up in a Copart auction, during her stay on the lot someone stole the seats, interior components, and that $7,000 rear wing, the wreck ended up in Europe where she was rebuilt, with factory original parts no less, but once again the records at the factory deemed to be not so great as they sent out a plaque stating 257/350 to fit between the seats, while this was car 240/350, note that the rumor goes customers could actually ask for a specific number to be put on this plaque, xxx/350, as long as it hadn’t been sent out already, so the number 257 isn’t the total production, and number 35/350, for instance, might have been built after number 63/350 for instance, the numbers weren’t even distributed in chronological order.

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In late 2021, this unique Lamborghini Murciélago Superveloce was bought by famous YouTube star Ed Bolian (from VinWiki) from a dealer in Germany, being the 8th Murciélago Ed owned, he added about 900 miles onto the odometer which now reads about 8,000 miles, and while many Murciélago display the dreaded ‘Check Engine’ light, this Superveloce doesn’t, however, there seems to be an issue with the TPMS calibration at the time of writing, Ed had a full service performed on this car, during which his local mechanic only noticed some minor overspray on suspension components, which was the only telltale the car ever was involved in an accident and subsequent repair … so it seems this Superveloce was brought back to factory specs really well.

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Right now, this one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Murciélago Superveloce is offered for sale by Ed Bolian himself, he’s moving onto a different, high-dollar car so Ed has to say goodbye to this red lady, with an asking price of just $825,000, which is considerably below the usual $1,100,000 to $1,500,000 prices asked for other cars, this one is set low enough to move, even with the accident history. If you are interested in adding this ‘Lady in red’ to your garage, get in touch with Ed Bolian through his FaceBook profile, but act quick, this one won’t last long in today’s supercar market. Just as a comparison, at the time of writing, renowned Cats Exotics has two Murciélago Superveloce listed, one finished in Grigio Telesto with 13,915 miles, listed at $1,100,000, and another one in the absolutely stunning Nero Nemesis, matt black, with just 8,698 miles, listed at $1,150,000, both well beyond the $825,000 Ed is asking.

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