The Aventador Ultimae is the Best, Most Powerful Aventador Ever! And they will make 15 more of them.

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Last week the first unit of the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae arrived in the United States of America, and none other than Matt Farah from TheSmokingTire YouTube channel was offered a first test drive of this ultimate Lamborghini V12 flagship model, a limited production model, just 600 units have been built, 350 Coupe and 250 Roadster, and yes, you are reading that right, ‘have been built‘ as production has been completed on the Linea Aventador in Sant’Agata … but wait, they are going to build 15 more now.

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Remember the Felicity Ace? Yep, that was the massive car carrier ship that had more than 4,000 cars on board, among them about 1,900 high-end Audi, 1,100 Porsche, 189 Bentley … and 85 Lamborghini, and while most of the latter were Urus and Huracán models, among these Raging Bulls were 15 units of the Aventador Ultimae, and being limited to 600 units, losing 15 of them is an issue, so Automobili Lamborghini SpA has decided to start Linea Aventador again and rebuild the 15 units of the Ultimae that were lost when the Felicity Ace went down, so their owners will still receive the car they ordered, albeit with a little delay.

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I’m sure Automobili Lamborghini SpA has kept track of which chassis numbers were on board of the Felicity Ace, so my guess is they will use these same identification numbers on the new 15 units that will be built over the coming weeks if that’s allowed by law that is, if not, they will just issue additional chassis numbers, remember they all came with a plaque xxx di 350 or xxx di 250 anyway, and while some consider the Aventador Ultimae as a kind of ‘less aggressive’ looking SVJ, this is still an amazing car nonetheless.

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The Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae is the most powerful NA V12 ever, with 780 hp, no hybrid add-on, she’s powerful and comes at an MSRP of about $500,000, so not cheap, but she does rub shoulders with million-dollar hypercars if my opinion if you take a closer look at the Ultimae you’ll notice the front bumper from the Aventador S, the side sills and rear fascia from the SVJ, but no fixed rear wing, which is probably one of the reasons for Lamborghini to go with the S front bumper, without rear wing there is no need for a front bumper with ALA, the active aerodynamic system from Lamborghini used on the SVJ.

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The Grigio Acheso as used on the press release Coupe version did come with about $60,000 worth of options, and it is that car Lamborghini of North America delivered to Matt Farah for a test drive, she only covered about 50 miles before he got behind the wheel to see of this 10-year old Aventador is still relevant in 2022, but there is one title this specific Lamborghini will never loose, and that’s the one being the last ever NA V12 ICE model to be built in Sant’Agata for the road, the successor will be a V12 hybrid, so the Aventador Ultimae is the ultimate supercar made in Sant’Agata, and that’s all the reason why they sold out so quickly.

Let’s take a look at what Matt Farah has to say about the swansong of the Lamborghini Aventador lineup, is this a worthy ‘goodbye’ to the famous NA V12 Lamborghini engine?