The Official Press Release Of VOS Performance Huracan Final Edition

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High-End Tuning for a Design Icon
The “Final Edition” Lamborghini Huracán by VOS PERFORMANCE.

Soon after VOS PERFORMANCE launched their bespoke conversion for the Lamborghini Huracán in 2015, the press around the world responded with unbridled enthusiasm:

AUTO MOTORSPORT (DE) headlined: “The VOS Lambo is a V10 storm. Sports car tuner VOS Performance from Neckarwestheim personalises the Lamborghini Huracán.”

MOTORING EXPOSURE (USA) announced: “The team at Vision of Speed (VOS) has a simple formula for creating their automotive upgrade programs that lead to a pretty enticing end product. ‘Something extraordinary + individual touch = something unique’ is their tried-and-true upgrade equation and their new Lamborghini Huracán shows exactly how well it works.”

SPEEDHEADS (DE) wrote: “Now the German tuner VOS (Vision of Speed) comes into play, offering hot aerodynamic components made of carbon, and fine finishes for the interior of the 610hp fighting bull.”

MOTORMAXIME (DE) used the title: “White Rocket. The VOS Lamborghini Huracán.”

MOTOR1 (USA) announced: “German tuner Vision of Speed (VOS) has prepared a series of tweaks for the Lamborghini Huracán. The very desirable ‘entry-level’ Lamborghini can now be fitted with an assortment of carbon fibre bits and pieces.”

FRESHNESS MAG (USA) said: “The German tuning team over at Vision of Speed (VOS) went ahead and prepared a range of visual and performance mods for the Lamborghini Huracán and boy did things turn out nice.”

Success through Design
Central to this enthusiastic worldwide reception is the extravagant personalisation programme developed by VOS for the Lamborghini Huracán to transform it inside and out. As CEO Michael Keller explains: “Many aftermarket tuners tend to focus only on exterior customization. We at VOS Performance believe that a bespoke interior tailored to match a head-turning exterior is mandatory to achieve a perfect balance.” All VOS Performance aerodynamic components, alloy wheels, interior trim parts, and other accessories can be viewed on the company website (www.vos-, and are available to order. The “Made in Germany” motto is a promise of highest quality, perfect fit, and customer confidence through certification by the internationally respected German TUV test authority. Furthermore, every VOS Performance Product comes with detailed fitting instructions in German and English.

Think Outside the Box
The success of the VOS PERFORMANCE design concept is primarily based on the proposition “Think Outside the Box”. As the fastest and simplest solutions, especially design related ones, are often predictable and offer little in the way of exclusive desirability, VOS takes a more considered and holistic approach that also addresses the varied tastes of a global audience. As CEO Michael Keller explains: “The unique VOS Performance interpretation of the Lamborghini Huracán combines extravagant individuality and exclusivity with German engineering and outstanding quality in craftsmanship. These are all values that we strive to live up to every day.”

Playboy and Gentleman
Individual wishes are as different as the drivers who make them. This is the reason why VOS Performance does not offer the individual body and interior styling parts normally expected from a tuner, instead crafting a total package that creates a distinctive and homogenous identity to appeal to a worldwide audience. In front, the carbon-fibre spoiler lip is a subtle yet totally functional component that blends in with the lines of the car. Meanwhile, the Lamborghini’s Interior is stylishly embellished with carbon fibre elements on the door panels, centre console, air vents and paddle shifters. In stark contrast, the large carbon-fibre rear lower diffuser and two different designs of a carbon-fibre rear wing give a sporty and aggressive appearance to the car’s back end. This balance between two these differing moods is quite intentional. As Michael Keller says: “The Lamborghini driver who comes to VOS Performance does not have to make a choice between Heavy Metal or Easy Listening since any combination in between is possible.”

The “Final Edition” Lamborghini Huracán by VOS
To the creative minds at VOS Performance, the standard Lamborghini Huracán was but a blank canvas for their imaginations. Always open to new ideas and stimulation from outside, the approach they took in transforming the Lamborghini Huracán into their very own Vision of Speed involved a finely honed blend of aesthetics and engineering.

VOS Tuning
The factory rear spoiler creates a situation of zero lift over the rear axle when it is deployed. The VOS engineers lock this spoiler down, superseding its function with their own rear wing designs in visible carbon-fibre. The first of these is the “Pur Vida” (Neutral-Zero downforce), while the “Torneo” design is adjustable and provides the positive downforce required for unerring high-speed stability in a straight line, and in fast sweepers.

Sex appeal without high heels
In addition to aerodynamic optimisation VOS Performance offers a high-performance sports spring set that lowers the car’s ride height by 35mm. Apart from lessening roll in corners, this also gives the car a more hunkered down and purposeful look.

The VOS Performance “Final Edition” Lamborghini Huracán is a powerful and distinctive looking supercar whose everyday usability belies its status as an automotive icon that appeals to Lamborghini enthusiasts and car lovers worldwide.

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