Lamborghini Diablo VT MY1999 – Guide

The Diablo VT also received all the updates from the SV

1999 lamborghini diablovt1
Lamborghini diablo vt my1999
Diablo VT MY1999 (Facelift)
1998 - 2000
5.7 L Nat Aspirated V12
530 bhp @ 7,100 rpm
446 ft lbs @ 5,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph
3.95 seconds
Top Speed
208 mph

Starting with the 1999 production year, the Diablo VT also received all the updates from the SV, the exposed headlights, the completely redesigned dashboard and 18 inch wheels.

The VT destined for the United States even received the wheels used on the 1999 VT Roadster although the other cars used the older wheel-centre with an 18-inch rim mounted. Also US ordered 1999 Diablo VT used the front and rear bumper from the Roadster and their side air intakes in front of the rear wheels, for the other markets, these items were available as an option.

This bigger size was needed to house the larger disk brakes, now with standard ABS. In addition, a passenger airbag became standard and was now neatly integrated into the dashboard.

The Diablo VT became one of the finest driving Lamborghini’s ever by 1999, OK, the SV was a lot more fun to drive, but the rear could brake away under pressure from the gas pedal.

With the helping hand of the Viscous Traction system, the VT was much harder to persuade into doing this, true the VT was heavier than the SV so the theoretical top speed was lower, but who really cared about a 5 or 10 Km/h difference when you’re talking about speeds above 320 Km/h.

If you intend to buy a Diablo VT, try to buy one of these late production 1999 cars, these were arguably the best Diablo around since the original VT that was introduced back in 1993 and still used the original design, the 2000 edition could be called a new Diablo.

If you didn’t like the original design, look out for the later Diablo VT 6.0-Liter engine type, this was the 2000 production year evolution of the Diablo VT, and by then the only Diablo model available, both the VT Roadster and the SV were both discontinued, and the phenomenal Diablo GT was completely sold out by December 1999, so the second-hand price for these 83 GT ever made was rising like a star.