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You enjoy browsing the LamboCARS enthusiast site so why not become one of our VIP CLUB members and enhance your experience on the site even further?

As a LamboCARS VIP CLUB member you are granted several additional extras that are not available to regular visitors :

Super High Resolution images

Only LamboCLUB members can access the mammoth resolution version of our images. Many of the photos posted on are reduced in size to 1280px wide, however as a LamboCLUB member you can access these images in an impressive 2400px wide version.

Our largest LamboWALLS

You probably enjoy our photos as a nice background on your computer, with displays getting larger each year it is time to get those big resolution LamboWALLS. As a LamboCLUB member you get access to LamboWALLS up to an amazing 2560×1600 pixels, that is 4 MegaPixel territory.

LamboCARS Picture of the MONTH

Not only will you be able to download our stunning Picture of the Month up to a staggering 4 MegaPixel size … but as an added bonus we offer our valued LamboCLUB VIP members the option to access our Picture of the Month archive.

LamboCARS Print layout

When printing information from a website you are faced with some serious layout problems most of the time, however as a LamboCLUB member we offer you the option of a perfect layout, complete with the image from the article and a QR bar-code you can scan that will bring you right back to the online article.

LamboCARS Virtual Car Configurator

I’m sure you’ve already create your very own interpretation of the car you would like to add to your garage, as a LamboCLUB member you can safe your creation to your local computer, tablet or smartphone, and not only view by view, but all angles at the same time with the ‘print’ option from the Virtual Car Configurator.

A helping hand

All that extra stuff is very nice I’m sure you’ll agree, however by signing up as a LamboCLUB member you also support us, your kind donation will help us keep the site up and running and allow us to visit more events, write more in depth articles and publish even more, exclusive photos on

More to come

We are planning to add even more ‘Club’ special items to the site in the future … so sign up now and you will be able to enjoy even more, new extras soon …

The PRICE of success

The entire option of becoming a VIP CLUB member is having additional access only available to you, naturally this doesn’t come free, so let’s take a look at the costs.

We offer all our valuable extras to you for only €3,50 per month, which lets face it is peanuts compared to what we offer in return. You can’t even have buy a pack of cigarettes for this kind of money … but wait, it gets even better …


If you sign up for a year we give you two months for free so you end up paying only €35 to enjoy 12 months of VIP Membership awards


If you any further questions, something isn’t completely clear for you or you would like a different payment plan … get in touch with us and we’ll answer any doubts or questions you might have.