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When looking into automotive history, especially in Italy you are bound to find lots of articles on Lamborghini, founded by the late Ferruccio Lamborghini in the early Sixties, this by now legendary car make has claimed it’s place in history very firmly over the last 50 years (give or take a few years).

When you talk about high performance, exotic cars the Lamborghini will always be a subject, and people who own and admire these Raging Bulls have been joining forces for years now, and probably the largest club of them all, the Lamborghini Club America is now launching a new campaign and website.

Lamborghini Club America is putting the focus of their work on the heritage of Automobili Lamborghini Spa left by Ferruccio Lamborghini, this way they will be able to cater for the next generation of Lamborghini owners, fans, members, dealers and affiliates.

Ferruccio was a man that would challenge any ideas that were common place on the automotive playground and enforce his own, sometimes very innovative ideas onto the road going cars, remember Ferruccio didn’t officially race any of the Raging Bulls when he was around to manage the place at Sant’Agata. The cars that were built under the close supervision of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini made sure his company would be remembered for years to come, fortunately with the take over by Audi AG this concept wasn’t forgotten.

Cars like the Diablo, Murciélago, Gallardo, Reventon and the upcoming Aventador are only making this concept last even longer, building the most perfect super car possible with current technology, albeit no longer high speed GT’s, the idea of the Estoque heading into production will again give Lamborghini a magnificent, V12 (or V10) powered super GT that can have four people seated in utmost luxury while still being able to reach mind boggling speeds inside a stunning Gran Turismo Lamborghini.

Andrew Romanowski, president of the Lamborghini Club America has taken on Jill Sugita-Hulme as a brand marketing consultant to create the club’s new campaign and put together a brand new web presence at that will capture the hearts and minds of the existing club members and draw even more owners and enthusiasts to join this amazing group of people.

The Lamborghini Club America was founded back in 1975 to celebrate the legacy of Ferruccio Lamborghini, a man who single handedly created a legend on wheels by constantly pursuing the most extraordinary cars, the club wanted to offer the opportunity to fellow owners to experience their cars in ways not possible on the open road.

Events like the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience, the Italian Stampede and the Annual Monterey meeting are experiences to their members and visitors to get a feeling of what one man’s approach to work and life without compromise can achieve.

If you are looking for more information on joining the club, or would like to find out where you will be able to admire these amazing cars in real life just take a look at the official club website :