LB Silhouette WORKS Aventador GT EVO on the road

Lb works aventador evo 1

Remember the LB Silhouette WORKS Aventador GT EVO we posted in January 2021 as a 3D render from Liberty Walk? It seems the first unit of this very impressive low-riding Lamborghini Aventador make-over by Wataru Kato is almost ready, we’ve seen two in-progress photos on their Instagram account, but today we found the car to be driven on the road, and she’s extremely impressive, to say the least.

Lb works aventador evo 6

And it seems the actual production version of this elaborate aerodynamic kit is very close to the virtual render published earlier, only 20 units will be available of this ultimate Aventador conversion, listed between $94,600 up to $187,000 depending on the material used for the replacement and add-on parts, as Liberty Walk offers this Silhouette EVO kit in either FRP, DRY Carbon Fiber, or a mix of both.

Lb works aventador evo 3

But this isn’t a kit for the faint-hearted, it will require some serious modifications to the base Lamborghini Aventador, which isn’t included in the above-mentioned price mind you, neither are the extremely wide offset wheels nor the necessary air-ride suspension required to get the look Kato-San intends for this final Aventador from LB-Works and while Liberty Walk doesn’t usually touch the engine or do any performance upgrades, a nice (read loud) exhaust really is necessary on this kind of car … expect a price tag over $10,000 easily for a screaming note from the V12 engine.

Lb works aventador evo 5

The photos where the car is seen on the road look like it’s just been fitted and was painted in a base code, integral, while on the inside photos we see the black parts taking shade on the car … are these two different cars, or the same car in different stages of the building process isn’t clear, from the looks of it both instances show the same Forgiato wheels, however. It does look like the car with the black sections, which might be clear carbon fiber, is an Aventador S, distinguishable from that white stripe on the dashboard that was part of the S-Style interior option.

Lb works aventador evo 4

I for one can’t wait to see the final car, all complete with all the details just like the virtual render, probably with the well-known set of decals Liberty Walk usually adds to these low-riding, ultra-wide supercars, this style isn’t appreciated by everybody, but it seems Wataru Kato and his team at Liberty Walk has no problem finding customers for their widebody conversion kits, they have been in this game for many years, and keep introducing these kits on new supercars, so there must be an active market for them.

Lb works aventador evo 2

All photos are copyrighted by Liberty Walk and were found on their Instagram account.