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Last week an interesting looking Lamborghini Gallardo was spotted by Xander Tempelmans on the street in front of the factory in Sant’Agata, three photos were posted on FaceBook by Jasper showing a silver metallic car with the new bumpers seen in Paris last year featuring those interesting, triangular styling but this specific car also had the Super Trofeo Stradale rear wing installed, together with the special engine cover, carbon fiber rear view mirrors and the black double five spoke wheels over red brake calipers making this a hybrid Nuova Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale.

So people started thinking, Jasper himself came up with the Gallardo ‘Squadra Corsa’ (new LP560-4 Super Trofeo Stradale) as a name which could be hinting at something, I’ve been studying the three photos closely and came up with my own high resolution renderings that can be found in this article and a run-down of the details I noticed.

Up front we still have the new Gallardo LP560-4 bumper, the inner section is completely black but there is no black on the lower outside like we see on the Superleggera or the Super Trofeo Stradale, still to make it stand out from the regular LP560-4 model I’ve went for a clear carbon fiber look on this black section lightweight being the obvious route to follow I think.

The side does show the Superleggera fin under the doors, naturally clear carbon fiber too, it actually does increase stability at high speed besides looking good while the rear keeps the original triangular styling from the latest Gallardo model I did put in matte black finished, slightly larger diameter exhaust tips and continued the clear carbon fiber treatment on the lower diffuser.

The biggest telltale is that massive rear wing, taken straight from the 2012 specs Super Trofeo race car it is identical to the wing used on the Super Trofeo Stradale model, but with white vertical fins were the STS has these outer tips finished in bright red a shade that does get used on the brake calipers behind the beautiful glossy black wheels also used on the Superleggera and the Super Trofeo Stradale.

One more feature was visible on the original photos a TriColore decal on the side just ahead of the air intake in front of the rear wheels, more than likely evidence of a limited edition production run to celebrate something.

So was the car captured by Xander a test mule for another limited edition V10 Gallardo model, a lightweight Nuova edition of some kind ? I highly doubt it to be honest Automobili Lamborghini SpA isn’t known for leaking new models or editions like this having the car drive around in plain sight right in front of the factory.

If you ask me this specific car was just a special order Gallardo LP560-4 I guess if you ask kindly, and have the funds to cover your request, the Ad Personam division at Sant’Agata would be capable of taking a regular ‘New Style’ Gallardo LP560-4 from the line and install a selection of Super Trofeo Stradale body parts and wheels on it even the TriColore decal on the side shouldn’t be a problem.

So were these photos a scoop of yet another Gallardo model or just a very special order for a specific customer (from Italy judging on the license plate on the car) only time will tell, but I sure hope we’ll not be seeing something like this at the IAA in Frankfurt in September I for one really would like to see the new V10 model that will succeed the Gallardo.