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We all remember the very impressive looking Lamborghini Veneno that was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show back in March, if it isn’t for the very innovative looks (you either love it or hate it) I’m sure you remember the even more impressive price tag of 3 million Euro … which didn’t keep the Veneno from selling out in a matter of hours.

Just in case you are wondering the grey metallic Veneno prototype that was shown in Geneva will remain the property of Automobili Lamborghini SpA while only three units were offered to the general public … two of them have been bought by avid enthusiasts from the United States of America while the third one was picked up by a long time Lamborghini owner from the Middle East … who happens to own a few other very special Raging Bull already.

So even if you happen to have some extra cash around you would not be able to add a Lamborghini Veneno to your collection of super cars … that’s why I came up with the next best thing … just imagine having a full tuning package that would make a regular Aventador look like a Veneno.

I’ve modified the front section so it could replace the factory bumper on an Aventador, I specifically didn’t go for the vertical headlights however, that would mean you have to replace the fenders too, and on the other hand not everybody really liked the Veneno headlight design anyway.

On the side I created a sill that takes some design elements from Veneno unit but still integrates onto the standard Aventador side sill, again to make it more cost effective … however at the rear I went all the way, the diffuser and rear section I’ve designed along the lines of the Veneno completely replaces the original part, much like the DMC Spezial Version rear does.

One other thing that just had to be put onto this virtual Aventador Veneno lookalike was that massive rear wing … again I specifically didn’t add the vertical fin in the middle as that would make the engine cover rather difficult to open (it takes four people to lift the engine cover on the real Veneno by the way) so I went for a massive F1 style wing that still reminds us of the Veneno unit, but leaves the engine cover opening method in place.

If you really want to go all the way it would mean getting hold of some new wheels that again look like the ones used on the Veneno, center lock with special rims that draw in even more air to cool those massive Carbon Ceramic disk brakes.

One of the lucky owners located in the United States actually had his current Aventador wrapped in a very special style by Detailing Dynamics even before he had seen the Veneno he bought … and it looked inspired by it … great minds think alike I guess … so I went one step further and applied that wrap onto an Aventador Roadster and installed the entire Veneno style kit on it … and it looks absolutely amazing.

If you want to see how my virtual Veneno style package looks on different shades you can try out just about every combination in my new Virtual CAR configurator.