The Lamborghini Esavox Carbon Fibre Docking Station

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Not every Lamborghini owner is able to park his car in the living room of his house and showcasing a collection of scale models might be a great idea for most of us … but somehow you need something really special if you are a Lamborghini enthusiast …

Check out the Lamborghini Carbon Fiber docking station, created in collaboration with iXoost this amazing looking Esavox speaker will be a focal point in every room you put it, listed on the official Automobili Lamborghini Store at €24,800 this work of art is available in four different shades: Nero, Rosso, Arancio, and Giallo.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Showcasing a Lamborghini-inspired design with four large speakers housed two by two inside an enclosure that mimics the air intakes seen at the front of the road cars while actual exhaust pipes are used for the bass reflex pressure control, to reduce vibrations a passive shock absorption system is used while speakers are set on ceramic supports with variable height.

The carbon fiber used on this docking station is derived directly from the production process of the cars in Sant’Agata … using a 6 bar autoclave the docking station’s carbon fiber is polymerized just like a monocoque chassis.

Every part of the Esavox carbon fiber docking station has been made by hand to create the look and feel that reminds us of the true Lamborghini style found on the current lineup.

The system offers Bluetooth® 4.0, an analog input, DSP 24bit ADC/DAC output, 800 Watt power inside a box measuring 125x65x50 cm and weighing a total of 53 kg, naturally made in Italy, make sure to check out the official LamborghiniStore website for this amazing item.