Lamborghini Urraco P200 – Guide

Lamborghini made a smaller engined Urraco to avoid heavy taxes in Italy

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Lamborghini urraco p200 main image
Urraco P200
1975 - 1977
66 units
2.0 L Nat Aspirated V8
182 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
130 ft lbs @ 3,800 rpm
0 - 60 mph
7.2 seconds
Top Speed
134 mph

When you talk about the Lamborghini Urraco with supercar fans, chances are they only think about the P250 model, this 2.5 liter V8 model happened to be the first step away from the massive V12 engines we all know from Lamborghini. Some might even remember the updated Urraco P300, boasting an enlarged engine and chain drive that made this V8 very reliable … almost a daily driver back in the Seventies.

But just like Ferrari did with their 308 model, Lamborghini made a smaller engine to avoid heavy taxes in Italy … Ferrari had the 208 in the books while Lamborghini introduced the Urraco P200 on the 1974 Turin Auto Show.

The Urraco P200 received a special de-tuned 2 liters engine and it was only available on the local Italian market, it was built specifically to comply with the then new Italian tax laws that imposed heavy taxes on car engines with a displacement over 2000cc.

The original 2500cc unit from the P250 was used as a base, the original 88mm bore was reduced to 77.4mm, resulting in exactly 1995cc, power output from the Urraco P200 was claimed at only 182 Bhp, which let’s face it wouldn’t make it into Lamborghini territory, not even in the mid Seventies.

The exterior of the P200 remained exactly like the P250, but the interior was still reworked, both the Urraco P200 and the 3-liter Urraco P300 received a higher quality, Lamborghini-built interior while in case of the original Urraco P250, the body shell was supplied by Bertone … complete with plastic seats and manual windows already installed.

Despite the lower taxes for this specific Lamborghini Urraco P200, it never became the success Lamborghini hoped for, only 66 units were sold during its production run … a mere fraction of those are still around today. Despite the Urraco P200 was built in so little numbers, and was only sold in Italy, it is not yet considered to be a true collector’s item while nowadays it is extremely hard to find one.